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Worst Halloween candy ever

The 12 grossest Halloween candies. Trade or trash them, just don't trick or treat them.

Senior Reporter

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 00:10

Worst Halloween candy ever

The 12 grossest Halloween candies. Trade or trash them, just don't trick or treat them.

Storified by McKinzie Brocail · Tue, Oct 09 2012 21:48:27

The Great Candy DivideLong Jacket
First thing after trick-or-treating my sisters and I'd trade candy. Sometimes I was able to unload all the candy I thought was gross on them, but there was always some candy none of us couldn't get rid of BECAUSE NOBODY WANTED IT.

This nasty peanut butter taffy crap for example. I like peanut butter, but peanut butter taffy is a never-ending pain on both your jaw and your tongue. I think they are called Mary Janes, but it isn't really important, just don't buy or eat them.
P365-09-20-12 - Trigger foodsBetani
Laffy Taffy is good. Correction: MOST Laffy Taffy is good. Banana Laffy Taffy however, is INCREDIBLY disgusting. It has this messed up burn-your-tongue-flavor that I think comes from some overpowering banana extract.
Yummy goodness!!! #bananalaffytaffy #yumminess #bestsnackJamie Bishop
Butterscotch candy. The candy of super old people.
What the hell is wrong with people?! Stop handing this out.
Do you ever ask yourself, why did I ever stop eating butterscotch candy? Then you decide to eat a piece and you instantly remember, this is why I stopped eating butterscotch candy.Kenneth Wong
Gold Foil Wrapped Butterscotch Hard Candy Ovalscandywarehouse
I've stocked up on Halloween candy for the Trick-or-Treaters! Almond Joy and Mounds bars. Of course, I've lived in this building since 1987 and I've never had a Trick-or-Treater knock on my door, but this could be the year. Or not.David Lewis
Almond Joy. More like Almond Misery. Consists of coconut that gets stuck in your teeth and a little chocolate to make you feel like maybe it's a treat. It's not.
this is the shit #almondjoy #coconut #chocolate #good #treat #snackemmanuel plascencia
This is not okay. Gummy candy shaped like hamburgers or other foods is nasty to look at and surely disgusting. I hope these get discontinued. These are tricks, not treats.
Who doesn't love these? #hamburgercandyRobby Chao
Lemon-heads are rough, icky canker-sore-forming nasties.
Lemon Headitsr13
What's synonymous with colorful sugar flavor wax? Candy corn. This sickeningly sweet candy is a Halloween staple for some unforsaken reason, and the chocolate pieces and the pumpkins are even worse.
Had to get my candy corn fix in. #halloweenmkotterman
They stick to the paper. As in, the paper stays on the candy buttons after you've peeled them off the sheet. They taste like food dye and NOTHING else.
Candy DotsKimFearheiley
Speaking of little spots.... DOTS are a lousy excuse for a candy. They are either too freaking hard to chew or are so gummy that they stick to your teeth. Luckily, I am usually fortunate enough to trade these for Smarties.
DotsBACKYard Woods Explorer
Whoppers. Guaranteed to make you thirsty, not only because they make your mouth drier than the Sahara, but also because you can't wait to drink something to get the taste out of your mouth.
These guys know what's up:
who likes whoppers. i have a whole bag and they are gross.trish creedon
all there's left in the candy basket are whoppers. gross.Nicole H.
Tootsie rolls. Not bad in their original chocolate flavor. Not bad in the limited edition lime, lemon, orange and strawberry flavors. ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS in the vanilla flavor.
Vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls. These are actually quite good. #candyJo Sef Gray
I don't like the Vanilla flavored tootsie rolls! YUCK!Joe Escobedo
"Mmmmmm, can I have your Bottle Caps?" said no one ever. They're chalky, disintegrating abominations.
#bestcandyever #bottlecaps #cherry #favorite #nails #willywonka #sodapopcandyRebecca Bastuga
I like trying american candy. Today's effort was wonka bottlecaps. Urgh. £1.80 they cost me. They're gross. Like offbrand tums. Ick.Alan Weir

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