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Wiley: Tips to avoid procrastination, enjoy college experience

Staff Reporter

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 12, 2012 23:11

Provided by Ally Wiley

Provided by Ally Wiley

Fellow Bearkats, if you have a test on Thursday, when do you start studying? Right after the last test? A week before? The night before? Let's get real. You studied 20 minutes before the test.  We all wonder why we bomb those crucial assignments.  It has got to be that the professor is out to get us.  It can’t possibly be the fact that I waited to the last moment.

I, personally, have been trying to find the secrets to working ahead and de-stressing my life.  I have compiled the advice I have received from many SMART people who actually do their work on time.  Crazy thought, huh?

  1. Put your school work ahead of extracurricular activities. I know the thought of sitting around and shooting the bull seems like so much more fun than doing your pre-algebra homework, but just remember that pre-algebra grade will help you towards the degree and the money.  Shooting the bull may lead to a great story, but that epic story won’t pay the bills.
  2. Put yourself on a schedule.  I’m not trying to be your parent and tell you that you should map out every moment of every day.  A schedule can help you fit in work, school, and maybe even some fun.  If you use your time effectively you can manage to do everything you want.  You may have to cut the nine hours you usually spend on Pinterest to two, but I promise you will live!
  3. Provide yourself with incentives.  Studying and doing homework is absolutely no fun. Trust me, I understand.  If you provide yourself with incentives it will help the time go by faster.  Set guidelines for yourself. I will study this wonderful physics homework for an hour, then I reward myself with an episode of whatever television show I want. 
  4. Start studying early to de-stress your life.  If you start studying a couple weeks before the test, you won’t be so stressed the night before.  You will feel more prepared and surer of yourself right before the big day.
  5. Remember why you’re in college.  Everyone goes to college hoping one day to receive a degree.  Even if it means you become a super senior. That’s an honor right? They want this degree to further whatever great career they have in mind.  So throughout the semester, our grades should be the most important thing in our life. With that said, remember to have fun and the best way to have fun is to quit procrastinating.

I know this is a lot to ask of my fellow Bearkats.  Just remember the less you procrastinate the more time you have to be a real college student and enjoy the perks of being a college student.

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