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Wiley: A special turkey day 'thank you'

Staff Reporter

Published: Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 03:11

Provided by Ally Wiley

Provided by Ally Wiley

As turkey day rapidly approaches, we all dwell on things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Some of us are thankful to have our family and friends around us for this holiday, and some of us are just thankful to have a few days off.  Whoever you are, this is the best time of the season to reflect on what you are truly thankful for this year.


Sam Houston State University has given me many things to be thankful for this year including:

     • Thank you for offering so many majors on campus.  I can walk through the mall area and see chemists, dancers, singers and even a few criminal justice majors.  

     • We all come from so many different backgrounds but we all support our school. SHSU students are the nicest and most respectful fans that I know of in the college world. We can also be very thankful for a winning football team!

     • I am thankful for professors who cancel classes.  Everyone knows they love the feeling of checking their email and seeing an email from a professor.  It’s even better when it is your 8 a.m. statistics class. Come on. Everyone knows that 8 a.m. classes suck. 

     • I am thankful for all the crazy clubs on campus.  It makes my day that we have Quidditch players who actually have brooms, and Parkour participants who love to jump off high walls.  I think it’s awesome that it doesn’t matter who you are; you can find some kind of club on campus that fits your personality.

     • I am thankful for the beautiful campus we have at SHSU.  It’s so much fun seeing the leaves change and crunching them under our shoes.  

     • I am thankful for all the furry creatures on campus.  The squirrels that come up to you without a care in the world and you can basically feed them straight out of your hand. The kittens roaming around campus lately. They may be skittish, but they are so dag-gum adorable. Even the opossums that were around for a moment.

     • I am thankful for all the quirky people and professors on campus. It makes my day to see all the crazy antics they are going to pull off. It’s like living in a sitcom. Even if it means to see a few fashion mishaps…

     • Finally, thank you for not putting up ANY Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.  Every year the marketing gurus of the world are moving Christmas further and further up.  Thanksgiving deserves to be celebrated, too, and for that matter, Halloween!

No matter whom you are or what you are doing this holiday, please take a moment and be thankful for what you have in your life.  

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