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Valentine’s Day causes too much anxiety for couples, singles

Published: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014 13:02

Get ready to empty your wallets, fellas, because Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.

For single men who are lucky enough not to feel the pressure to channel Nicholas Sparks in a romantic gesture, enjoy it while you can. Revel in your freedom and don’t despair.

Not that I don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. I’m a girl and if I said I didn’t like getting presents and being spoiled, I would be lying. There’s just something about a predetermined romantic day that takes the romance out of it.

There’s no spontaneity, hardly any originality, and think of the number of poor girls disappointed because their long-time boyfriends don’t propose on the most ‘romantic’ day of the year. Everyone needs to take a step back and stop investing so much emotional energy into one random day in the middle of February.

Now for all the angry single people who are reading this right now and thinking, “at least couples have someone to share it with.” Why be miserable about being young, independent, and free on one day, when every other day you revel in it?

Since we are all young, emotionally charged adults, Valentine’s Day is bound to affect us in one way or another. Singles should embrace the fact that they don’t have to deal with the pressure and high-expectations of the lovers’ holiday.

There’s a lot of stress on couples – old and new – and even ambiguous couples who might not consider themselves couples yet. Questions arise like, “Do I get my other half a present?” “Should I take them out for dinner?” and “Are they even my other half!?” It’s ridiculous that one day can cause so much romantic consternation and despair for people who truly care about one another.

For such a sweet, innocent holiday, Valentine’s Day can mess with your mind like St Patrick’s Day never will.

Also why do you need a day once a year to celebrate love? Isn’t that why we have anniversaries? I understand the competitive nature of relationships, but there’s no need to rub your ‘loved-upness’ in everybody else’s faces.

Furthermore for those of us who have recently suffered from breakups, Valentine’s Day is like rubbing salt in an all too open wound.

People in lovey-dovey relationships need to cool it with their V-Day obsession. There are 364 other days on the calendar to spread the love. Women should temper their expectations and men should stop pretending to be Ryan Gosling characters. If you truly love each other, breaking the bank Friday shouldn’t be a realistic expectation from either party.

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