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State of the 'State of the Union'

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 23:02

Richard McKinney | The Houstonian

Richard McKinney | The Houstonian

Two days ago, President Barack Obama made an impassioned and emotional speech during the annual State of the Union address to the American public.  Obama referenced former President John F. Kennedy called for a communion of the American people to unite in progress.

The beginning of his speech was laden with ubiquitous promise amidst a magnanimous amount of empty statistics, saying that “our housing market is healing, our stock market is rebounding, and consumers, patients and homeowners enjoy stronger protection than ever before….the state of our union is stronger.” President Obama certainly displayed his renowned oration ability while neglecting to give substantial information behind these claims.

After seemingly unending applause, President Obama delivered a laundry list of hopeful ideas for his next term in office. “It is our generation’s task,” Obama said, “to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth: a rising, thriving middle class.”

The President called attention to many critical problems with the current state of the union and offered the middle class as an answer to many of them. Some statements which he made very clear to the American public include:

  • Comprehensive tax reform that helps small businesses spend less time filling out complicated forms and more time expanding and hiring.
  • A vast deficit reduction, though, he says, this is not enough.
  • Making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.
  • Investing more in American energy, to control our own energy future.
  • Working toward reduction of climate change.
  • A “Fix-It-First” program to put people to work as soon as possible on the nation’s most urgent repairs.

The President called upon Congress to remove its egoistic tendencies and find the common ground to build a lasting legacy amidst tremulous turmoil. He asked for a time of bipartisanship in a time of partisan legislation.

Obama elected himself to shoulder the burden of climate change legislation, “if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.”

If the President expects to foster the middle class, he is going to have fight with partisan ideals and find a point of interest for everyone involved.

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