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Socha: Common sense, do you have it?


Published: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 29, 2012 00:11

Provided by Cassie Socha

Provided by Cassie Socha

My friends and family members have told me that I am a tolerable person almost my entire life. But approaching the halfway point of my senior year of college, something has been revealed to me: I cannot stand people who lack common sense.

It is something that I just cannot comprehend. For example, I saw a man wearing his cap backwards at an outdoor sporting event this weekend. In his defense, it was cloudy at the start of the game, so it was not really a big deal. The part that annoyed me was when the sun came out. He didn’t turn his cap around to shield his eyes; instead, he shielded his eyes with his hand.

Last Christmas, I was at the mall with my family picking up some last-minute gifts when we saw a teenage girl and her mom walk in. They were both wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts with flats, and when they turned to each other, they said, “I had no idea it was going to be this cold today.”

The temperature was in the 40s and 50s all week.

Did they not realize it was chilly when they stepped out the door? Did they not hear the weather report on the radio or see other shoppers wearing jeans, sweaters and scarves?

Now, it’s not that I’m trying to control everybody; I understand that some people do things for attention or for other reasons, but that is not the issue. The issue I have is with people who are clearly educated but do not put their education to use.

Some may argue that others can be “book smart” but lack “common sense,” but I’m not buying it. The two types of thinking typically coincide, so having one without the other is like having a high-end computer only to use it exclusively to play solitaire. It just doesn’t make sense.

My logic is simple: You cannot get a college degree or keep a job without at least some common sense. It takes common sense to realize that you have to turn in a paper or assignment, that you have to pay for school every semester, or even that you have to be early to get a decent parking spot. Without common sense or the completion of just those three tasks, a college career can ended quickly.

I honestly hate seeing people struggle with this so much because I hate to see them not live up to their potential. Call me an idealist, but I truly believe that if everyone lived up to their true intellectual level, then we wouldn’t have as many issues in society.

Imagine a place where people didn’t complain that it was cold because they wore the proper clothing. Though it may never cause world peace, it could provide for a more peaceful lifestyle.

So take this as my challenge to you: you were blessed with a brain and a splash of common sense, so use it and see the difference it makes in your life. You might just discover that it’s a lot nicer when you use it.

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