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Socha: Boys will be...girls?


Published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 17:11

Provided by Cassie Socha

Provided by Cassie Socha

A few days ago, I was walking to class when I got stuck walking down the stairs behind a group of four guys. Since they were speaking quite loudly, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. They were talking about games from week nine of the NFL, how one’s date went with his girlfriend, and the parties they had on Halloween; a seemingly normal conversation for a group of college guys.

Then, out of nowhere, one of the four turns to the others and asks when they could all go shopping again because his pants and shirt weren’t in style anymore. Shockingly enough, a second guy asked what they thought about his new Costa’s and a third asked for reviews on a tanning salon in town.   

What?! Since when were guys obsessed with style and designers? Don’t get me wrong, I love a man in a nice suit at a formal occasion or a man in uniform, but since when did men nitpick their everyday appearance like women? I’m all for equal rights, but and I have my limits in certain areas and this took me over the edge.

If you’re questioning my logic, know this: I grew up in a small south Texas town with a booming chemical plant industry employed nearly every man in the surrounding area in some way. It was here I saw men and their sons go hunting or fishing nearly every weekend, where men played sports and were taught to be hardworking, rugged, and tough. That is what I think of when I think of a real man; not one obsessed with appearance like a woman.

So what brought this about? I have an idea as to what caused this change, and ladies, you’re not going to like it. I honestly believe this is something that we brought on ourselves, but before you go She-Hulk on me, hear me out.

Humanity is built to adapt in order to survive and in an even more underlying reason, to procreate. This has been going on since the dawn of time. Early human females would mate with taller, stronger men because that is what they wanted and this caused the species to continue. Nowadays, men are once again adapting to what women want.

For too long we complained that men didn’t listen to us, or didn’t care about appearance, or were idiots when it came to expressing their feelings. Basically they didn’t have a mentality similar to ours. So overtime, adapt and overcome, which is bred into us, prevailed and voila, we are now living with more effeminate men.

The odd thing about this adaptation is that even though they are trying to be what we want them to be, their brain chemistry is still completely different than a woman. Basically, no matter how much they change, they will still be a man with different thought processes than a woman.  The genders have specific roles in families, relationships, and the real world, so men should stop this change and go back to being traditional men.

Yes, they can be frustrating; yes, they dress funny at times; but personally, I don’t want to fight for mirror space in the morning or hear a man ask “does this make me look fat?” Besides, aren’t many of you wondering where all the real men went?

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