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Mears: Two weeks until finals: Stop skipping class, study up

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 00:11

Provided by Morgan Mears

Provided by Morgan Mears

With two weeks until finals, I have noticed a lot of new faces in many of my classes. While their names have been on the class roster all semester long, they are normally only seen on exam days, skipping lectures and regular class days. With finals so close, many students believe if they start attending class now that they will be able to pass their final. However, that simply isn’t the case.

Two weeks is not enough time for someone who only comes to class on exam days to prepare for a final exam that covers everything the class has covered the entire semester.

Many people argue that they don’t need to study or attend class to pass an exam, however a study done by UCLA professor of psychiatry Andrew J. Fuligni, shows that students need an adequate amount of studying time before each exam and their study schedule should be kept consistent.

Many students study the night before an exam and never attend a class or lecture until the day of the exam. While they think they are taking the easy way out and gaining more time to party and hang out with friends, they are only hurting themselves. Students need to attend class as often as they can; skipping class and solely attending on exam days is doing more harm to their education than students realize.

Not only is skipping class detrimental to a student’s education but to their bank account as well. According to the SHSU undergraduate catalog, it costs a Texas resident $1,036 for three semester hours, meaning that it is about $20 per class meeting. Every time a student skips a class, they are wasting about $20. Skipping class can start to add up after a while and become very expensive. Skipping class often and only coming on exam days is like taking almost $1,000 and throwing it away.

While skipping class hurts a student’s bank account, it also causes monetary issues for parents and those students that require financial aid.

The only way to ensure that you have a chance at passing your final and that you are getting your money’s worth of an education is to attend class, always. Of course you may have sick days and family emergencies, but those don’t happen every single class days. So wake up, get out of bed and go to class!

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