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Mears: Election aftermath: Think before you post, leave racism out

Staff Reporter

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 12, 2012 23:11

Provided  by Morgan Mears

Provided by Morgan Mears

With the election behind us and Obama looking at another term in office, many people are voicing their opinions on how they truly feel about his reelection. From Facebook to Twitter, social networking sites have been bombarded with comments and posts regarding his next term; many of these comments have sparked some controversy.

While many people post these comments and statuses without thinking, many people are becoming outraged with the ignorance of these comments due to their awful racial remarks regarding others of different race.

According to the Twittersphere, many people are commenting on the issue surrounding food stamps and Obama's stance on the matter. One such tweet, from user Not4TheGimmeParty, commented on how the people that want the food stamps are greedy, lower class, non-Caucasian citizens in the U.S. The tweet sparked outrage and had many people saying this user was a racist bigot because he claimed that those on food stamps were not and could not be members of the Caucasian race.

Not only is Twitter alive with racial tension, Facebook is as well. According to NBC News, a California woman was fired from her job after posting "maybe he will get assassinated," referring to the reelection of President Obama. The woman replied with a statement saying she is not racist and her comment should not have been taken as a racial slur. The post was made without thinking of how it would be received by the Facebook community and her comment was viewed as hurtful and a nasty racial slur by many.

According to a poll done by TheGuardian, while many people would believe that most racial comments would be coming from social networking cite users all over the U.S., it is clear to see the majority of these hate tweets regarding Obama's reelection are primarily from Alabama and Mississippi. However, these post-Obama reelection hate posts are not limited to the south, while the number of racial and hate tweets is almost half that of the south, states like North Dakota and Utah were among the highest in the North. Although the number of hate tweets between the north and the south differ by almost half, it is clear to see that as a whole many people are not happy to see President Obama reelected.

In every political race there is going to be a winner and a loser. With Obama in the Oval Office for another term, it seems as if Romney's fans are taking to Facebook and Twitter to express their hatred for our president, causing controversy and hate with their racial slurs and hateful comments.  

People need to think about what they say online before posting. When you post something, it is there forever; you make think you delete it but it's still there. Think before you post!

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