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Cougar epidemic is inevitable

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 01:02

Taylor Likens | The Houstonian

Taylor Likens | The Houstonian

For the past several years women have been making a trend of dating younger men. To many--most of whom own Xbox Live subscriptions and a fridge filled with Monster energy drinks--this is exciting news. To others it is an object of curiosity.

From the peasants of feudal Europe to suburban American social norms, it’s an almost universal tradition to view older men as the most competent providers. So why are eligible women allegedly breaking down barriers for the sake of pursuing what is stereotypically a less appealing offer?

Regardless of why it is happening, the results seem to at least be working in favor of the females. In 2008, Psychology of Women Quarterly (which until recently I assumed was just another name for Cosmo) published a study that revealed women 10 years older than their significant others show greater satisfaction with their relationships than women who dated men more their own age or younger. However, keep in mind those women who are relaxed and accepting enough to date men a decade their junior might actually just be more easy-going, more likely to be content with their romantic partners, or just whoever they happen to be making an anatomy pretzel with this month.

As for why men are taking part in this recent trend--it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out (though I’d be curious as to exactly why anyone would have asked a rocket scientist in the first place).

 If pornography could cook a pot roast, most young men wouldn’t have the slightest incentive to even leave their apartments. This nature is complimented rather nicely by older females, as confirmed by a study based out of the United Kingdom discovered. Apparently, the average woman is at her most confident at age 35 and therefore most comfortable with herself, resulting in a more relaxed and fruitful sex life.

For a younger male, the deal couldn’t get much better. The young man gets a more mature, established woman with an increased sexual appetite; whose dreams have already been crushed by the world enough to make his own hopes and dreams seem absolutely adorable to her.

But again, so many of us are asking; what’s in it for the older women?

The question itself is overcomplicating matters, as if there is some sort of secret, sophisticated motive behind the phenomena. Maybe women just want younger men for exactly what younger men are--youthful, energetic, reckless creatures that put some thrill into their lives. The exact same reason older men are likely to enjoy the company of younger women. On the flipside, everything that could be said about the advantages of older women could also be said about older men; maturity, a stable lifestyle and experience are things that serve only to sweeten anyone’s romantic resume.

This topic was most recently highlighted by a report at CNN that claimed women were increasingly dating even younger men. In short, the article was basically a longwinded way of saying that young men are appealing because they are young, along with everything that is assumed with that.

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