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Ask Ally: Cheap, fun things to do around Huntsville during fall

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 11, 2012 01:10

Provided by Ally Wiley

Provided by Ally Wiley

Dear Ally,

This is my first year here at Sam Houston State University and I am hopelessly bored. I sit around my dorm room and have nothing to do. I cannot afford to go anywhere expensive. I was wondering if you could recommend any fun cheap things to do this fall.


Bored out of my mind

Dear Bored out of my mind,

I can completely understand being broke and bored. Even as a senior at SHSU, there are still time where I don’t know what to do because I’m broke. Here are some great spots around the Huntsville area that won’t break the bank.

SHSU has many sporting events on campus that are free to attend. They are usually jam-packed with action and fun times among SHSU students, staff and faculty. Upcoming events include a Bearkat soccer match against Northwestern State on Friday, Oct. 12, Bearkat volleyball versus Texas A&M Corpus Christi on Oct. 18 and the Bearkat Homecoming football game against Nichols State on Oct. 20.

Many clubs and organizations on campus host fun activities that don’t cost a dime.  The art program has many displays that are entertaining as well as informative. Something is always going on in the Performing Arts Center and the Criminal Justice department hosts talks at least twice a month.  The trick to hearing about these programs and free events is noticing the advertisements around campus. There are always sandwich boards around campus advertising fun, free activities. Also each building has cork boards where clubs advertise their upcoming events. A lot of these events have free food! Total plus!

If you are willing to go beyond campus, Huntsville has many nearby activities to offer college students. My favorite cheap go-to in Huntsville is definitely the movies. If you can get to the movies before 6 p.m., it will only cost you $3. That’s a total steal compared to the $10 they charge in most cities and theaters. The concessions are also dirt cheap and are exactly what you would get at any large movie theater. I do believe this is the diamond in the rough in Huntsville and definitely worth checking out.

Another great perk of Huntsville would have to be the duck pond area located on the Sam Houston Memorial Museum grounds. The nice weather we’ve been having makes the pond scene ideal and it’s within walking distance of campus. There are many geese, chickens and ducks hanging around to feed and watch. Just grab some stale bread you have lying around and head down to the pond.  It’s also a great spot for cheap dates and romantic strolls; definitely a must-see in Huntsville.

I hope this helps you find something to do. The key is just to get out of your dorm room and explore. Huntsville has a lot to offer if you just take the time to look.



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