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Bomb threats to airlines are nothing to laugh about

The recent flurry of social media bomb threats being made to airlines disregard the difficult task of flight safety. Full story


Colbert sans “Report” a boon for CBS

Stephen Colbert won’t be out on the street playing concerts claiming to be Whitesnake’s drummer or giving out handies for five dollars. He’s leaving his titular show to take over hosting duties from Dave Letterman at CBS’s “The Late Show.” Full story

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Warrantless cell phone searches violates rights

Two Supreme Court cases around warrantless cell phone searches could suffer from a lack of understanding of technology when applying the spirit of existing laws to it. Full story

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Letter: Gender equality has place in homecoming

Gamma Sigma Kappa believes SGA should pass their resolution abolishing gender requirements for Homecoming King and Queen Full story

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Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme

I have to admit some days that’s a pretty accurate depiction of me, but when it comes to the famous internet “currency” I’d say if anything, I was too easy on the people that have dived into the digital pyramid scheme. Full story

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Autism Awareness brings up debunked claims of vaccination link

During National Autism Awareness Month, be wary of information tainted by the anti-vaccination movement. Full story

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RateMyProfessors says more about students than professors

The popular professor grading website suffers from bias. However, the negative reviews are pretty hilarious Full story

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Safe and sound - my trip to Lebanon

Editor-in-Chief Connor Hyde reflects on his recent trip to Beirut, Lebanon. Full story

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Letter: Support SGA outsiders in next election

It’s time for change in student government and a slate of newcomers believe they have the solution. Full story

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Final lap: stages of the last semester

The first day of the last semester might be one of the most exciting and gruesome days ever. The rest of the semester goes by on a Red Bull and Ramen high until it all abruptly ends. Full story

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OkCupid doth protest too much

The controversy surrounding the new CEO of Mozilla and his opposition to gay marriage only serves to stifle free speech. Full story

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Twitter spat misses Colbert’s satire, wants to #CancelColbert

Stephen Colbert found out Wednesday after a tweet from his hit television show’s account (not Colbert’s personal account) made one “Twitter activist” so pissy she rounded up her fellow twitterizens, got good and angry and made the hashtag #CancelColbert a thing. Full story