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URB's melting tights are an interesting fashion trend

Online News Editor

Published: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updated: Friday, February 8, 2013 04:02

Melting Tights URB

Image via URB


Now we all know that the New Year is the time where we start new years resolutions to try out new trends or revamp our look. Now that doesn't mean that we have to be the next Lady Gaga or Rihanna and go crazy wearing prints head to toe or strange ball themed dresses, Naturally, the fashion industry has all kinds of new and crazy trends for us to try this new year, but it's up to us to keep our cool and refrain from getting sucked into every single fashion trend that comes along.

The drippy legwear is definitely no exception. I'm not entirely sure of the fashion trends happening overseas, but German based company URB is selling these melting tights to anyone with a credit card. Now whether or not you think these tights are one-of-a-kind, absurd, genius or find that they cause you to fight the urge to hop online and snatch yourself a pair you have to admit that these melting tights will make anyone stop and stare.

I can't lie. It's extremely hard to rationalize why anyone in their right mind would want these tights, but on some twisted level I sort of do? Bizarre I know, but I'm extremely curious! How do they manage to drip, and how do you even go about putting them on?! I blame this curiosity to my current addiction to the 90's. It's gotten pretty bad lately and something about the tights slime green color brings me back to my Nickelodeon days. Just looking at them makes me feel nostalgic to the point that I want to log on to Netflix watch an episode of the Rugrats, but that's just me.

What do you think of the tights? Think you'd be brave enough to wear them?

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