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Vice President of IT@Sam explains policies, addresses concerns with replacement program

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Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 01:01

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Jay R. Jordan | The Houstonian

Mark Adams, Vice President of IT@Sam explains the new computer replacement cycle.

Mark Adams, Vice President of Information Technology @Sam, met with Faculty Senate on Thursday in order to discuss grievances and confusion posed by faculty about IT’s computer replacement cycle.

 The program was created in order to maintain the four-year computer and mobile device cycle with a cost-effective and streamlined process.

The program gives faculty members a desktop computer and a mobile device, either a laptop or Apple iPad. After four years of use, the electronics are returned to IT and the faculty members receive a new device. The old system often overlooked old and broken devices’ necessity to be replaced. The current computer replacement cycle puts the devices in need of replacement at the top of the queue.

“[The program] does have some flexibility built into it,” Adams said. “I think that may at times create some confusion.”


Faculty senate members voiced their concern of bureaucracy and red tape they have to get through to talk to a member of IT in order to renew their computer.

“Not everyone knows that there’s someone you can call,” Tracy Steele, senate chair said. “It’s very bureaucratic, you get competing answers sometimes. We just want to know… who to go to to make it more efficient.”

According to Adams, the program offer’s a direct telephone line to a representative designated with faculty computer problems.

The program also makes the process of getting a higher end computer easier for faculty members if that is what they prefer.

“If you want a Mac, you get a Mac,” Adams said. “If that’s your preferred device, that’s what you get under the new program.”

The program was also created in order to keep expenditures on computer devices low. Before it was started, individual departments would be in charge of supplying computers to their faculty members.

“Proportionally, in comparison to other schools, it looked like we were a little excessive with our computer purchases on campus,” Adams said.

The new cycle program takes the allocated funds for computers from each department and put it in the hands of IT@Sam in order to streamline the computer ordering and replacement process on campus.

For more information on the program, can IT@Sam at (936) 294-4880.


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