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University officials reevaluating security, safety measures after Lone Star shooting

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Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 01:01

lone star

AP Photo/ Patric Schneider

Harris County Police Officers respond to the Lone Star Campus after a gun fight occurs. SHSU officials are reevaluating thier saftey measures in liu of this shooting.

University officials are reevaluating security and safety measures at Sam Houston State University after the recent shooting incident at Lone Star College.

The measures are meant to ensure the safety and protection of SHSU students, faculty and staff in the case of similar incidents.

David Hammonds, SPHR associate vice president for human resources and risk management, said that the emergency systems at SHSU are constantly being updated to ensure the best response in case of a crisis. Any combination of the systems are used to alert those occupying the campus, depending on what the situation calls for.

“Deciding what to use out of the several things we have in place for emergency situations always depends on what kind of scenario we are dealing with,” Hammonds said. “We have created several template responses designed for various scenarios to give us a head start in getting a message or alert out as quickly as possible.”

Hammonds also said the tools and systems used in case of emergencies on campus such as, KatSafe, the sirens placed across SHSU, a remote lock down system for most of the buildings and dorms, and a soon to be implemented computer-alert system. The system will issue an emergency notification pop-up on every computer on campus including those connected to SHSU’s Wi-Fi.

Kevin Morris, chief of the University Police Department (UPD), also commented on the efforts to keep the campus safe whether in an emergency situation or not.

Morris said UPD’s protection efforts include officers who patrol the campus in cars and on bikes, a student escort program for students who do not wish to walk alone. There is also training designed for emergency situations on campus, much like the Lone Star incident.

Morris also made sure to mention that there are videos available on MySam that provide information on what to do in case of an active shooter scenario and recommended that both faculty and students watch them so they will be prepared if such a scenario does happen.

University President Dana Gibson, P.h.D, felt in the case of a similar situation to the Lone Star shooting, SHSU is well prepared to minimize the threat to faculty and students.

“While we hope that nothing ever happens on campus that would endanger our faculty, staff and students, we feel that we have taken steps and training to appropriately respond to situations that call for immediate action,” Gibson said. “We constantly review and update our procedures with the safety of the university community in mind.”

For more information on campus safety, contact UPD at the non-emergency number of 936-294-1794.


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