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Students like redesigned SHSU website

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Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 01:01


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SHSU starts off the new year with a brand new look on their website. Studnets seem to have few complaints.

Students on the Sam Houston State University campus returned from the winter break to discover that a new design for Sam’s website had been implemented during their absence. The majority of students agreed the change was for the better, but some still thought the website could be improved, especially when used on a mobile device or tablet.

Junior Entrepreneurship major, John Pham, liked the new webpage as long as it was on a computer, but was frustrated with trying to use the site on his cell phone.

“I find it annoying that I can’t navigate the website on my mobile phone,” Pham said. “It takes forever to load things and I can almost never hit the right link when scrolling through the menus. I love the computer version, but on a cell phone, it’s ridiculous.”

Elissa Crossland, Director at Online Programs and Communication, and Diane McCormick, Executive Director of Enrollment Communications, acknowledged that navigating SHSU’s webpage on a cell phone has its difficulties, and confirmed that Sam’s IT department has started looking into a mobile device-friendly webpage as an option for the future.

Besides the mobile phone issue, both McCormick and Crossland reported that there seem to be very few issues with the new design since the IT helpdesk has received very few calls from students/faculty having trouble finding what they are looking for. McCormick felt that the preview option that was available before the change took effect really helped disperse the confusion some people might have felt.

One feature several students felt was the most helpful improvement was the cascading, or drop down menus provided at the top of the page.

“I really liked the new site, and I think the cascading menus make finding everything so much simpler,” Freshman Shyane Stein said.

McCormick confirmed this as one of the more popular features, saying that several people had mentioned how happy they were with the cascading menus, as well as bringing more
A few students; however, felt that the cascading menus detracted from the site’s design.

“I think it was a lot easier when Blackboard and our email was at the top of the page instead of under a tab,” Tina Lacy, a junior Technical Theatre major, said.

Despite the small number of issues voiced by students, almost all agreed that the new webpage design was a definite improvement, and looked forward to what innovations would take place in the near future.


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