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Social media world clear on winner of first presidential debate


Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2012 01:10


AP Photo/Eric Gay

Gov. Mitt Romney and Pres. Barack Obama engaged in the first presidential debate of the 2012 race on Oct. 1.

Immediately after the first 2012 presidential debate, the world of social media virtually exploded with disappointment in President Barack Obama, and surprise in the performance of Gov. Mitt Romney.

Romney, who has been in debate practice for months, was a decisive favorite after the debate both in polls and social media.

A CBS instant reaction poll that asked who won the debate, Romney received 46 percent, Obama received 22 percent, 32 percent said neither won.

CNN poll of registered voters who watched the debate showed that 67 percent believe Romney won, 25 percent believe Obama won.

Twitter and Facebook users reflect that response.

@PhillyGodfather said “You know Romney won the debate tonight when all the Democrats agree. #Blowout win for Republicans. Final score Romney 27 Obama 10.”

Most Twitter users seemed to grudgingly agree with analysis of Romney’s performance. Facebook users has similar reactions.

“Where were the specifics we were promised?” Alex Dobbert said. “Why, in this debate, were factual inaccuracies ignored? Yes, Romney ‘won this debate’. This will also go down in history as a train wreck of a debate. Still, the president should have performed better.”
Romney supporters are jubilant.

“Romney won this debate!” Judy Weeks said on Facebook. “He is a successful businessman with a plan for our country. I feel passionate about this election for the sake of my grandchildren. I love my country, may God Bless America.”

Other users couldn’t care less.

@woahhgabby123 said, “Who cares about debates most people are all talk anywayss.”
Of course with social media funny parodies of debates will obviously show up.

Jim Lehrer, the PBS newsman who moderated the debate, was the target of some jokes.

“Jim Lehrer is a replacement ref,” @LorenaSGonzales said.

“Poor Jim Lehrer, he’s more interrupted than a substitute teacher,” @DMalenock said.

Other jokes were geared toward the debate itself.

A trending Facebook post included a picture of Drew Carey, former host of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”, sitting behind his desk saying, “Welcome to the Presidential debates where the facts are made up and the time doesn’t matter.”

And then: Big Bird.

Romney mentioned at one point told Lehrer he’d cut PBS to decrease governmental spending.

“I like you [Lehrer] and I like Big Bird,” Romney said.

One post circulating includes a parody of this with Big Bird in a commercial for Hurricane Relief with the title “Mitt Romney doesn’t care about Big Bird.”

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