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SHSU to unveil new website in December

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 00:12

The Sam Houston State University website will unveil its new upgrade on Dec. 18. The upgrade focused on creating a more user-friendly page for staff, students and prospective students.

According to Elissa Crossland, Director at Online Programs and Communication, and Diane McCormick, Executive Director of Enrollment Communications, the new website’s key features focus on getting rid of the clutter to help with navigation on the main page.

“We used Google Analytics to find what our students were searching for the most, and tried to bring it all to the SHSU home page,” Crossland said. “We put the most important stuff on the home page and made it easier for students to find and access.”

SHSU students who have not seen the new site agreed that if it allows easier navigation than Fast Links, then it would be much better.

“We think the change would be very beneficial,” freshman Disciplinary Studies major Taylor Holt and freshman Business Entrepreneurship major Audrey Gonzalez said. “It would be great if it was easier to find stuff than it was using Fast Links.”

McCormick mentioned the new “Getting Started” tab specifically designed for prospective students, since they had received reports in the past of confusion as to where the students could get information or apply to SHSU.

Both McCormick and Crossland made the point of emphasizing that the new page design would not different enough to cause faculty and students to get lost when trying to navigate the site.

“This will not be a total and complete redesign, but rather just a refresher,” McCormick said. “We wanted to make things easier for users, not complicate things further. I just hope the new design helps our current students now and future students to come.”

The new website project took approximately six months to complete, and will open on Dec. 18, so it will not cause confusion for students trying to check their final grades. A button allowing people to preview the new design will appear on the old website next week.

An email will go out to all faculty, staff, and alumni in the next few weeks to make them aware of the change coming.


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