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SHSU details upcoming core changes

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 01:11

Sam Houston State University is currently working in order to have the new core curriculum ready for Fall 2012
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) approved a revised curriculum in October 2011 based on the recommendation of the Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee.

According to Richard Eglsaer, Ph.D, Associate Provost for SHSU and co-chair on the Core Curriculum Committee, the new curriculum will focus on skill sets to be used in the workplace instead of the previous completion of courses that most students feel are not necessary for their career.

Students on the SHSU campus feel that the new core curriculum will be very beneficial for the students entering college after 2014.

“I feel like the core classes I’m taking now are a waste of time,” Rhegan Stroup, a freshman nursing major, said. “It’s like being in high school all over again.”

Students are also hoping that the new core will allow professors to be more free in their classes to teach what they feel is important instead of what objectives have to be met.

“It feel’s like professors are teaching for a test, not for thinking skills or something that would be beneficial to my career,” Britney Nawara, a freshman education major said. “Maybe the new core curriculum will give students and teachers freedom to learn in a way that will aid our careers instead of making students feel like we’re wasting time and money on classes we don’t need.”

The curriculum six skill sets including critical thinking, communication, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, social responsibility and personal responsibility.

Those skill sets will be taught in eight foundational component areas including Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, Language Philosophy and Culture, Creative Arts, American History, Government/Political Science, and Social/Behavioral Science.

In contrast, the current core curriculum looks for six basic intellectual competencies in eight areas of perspective, and has to have 51 areas evaluated and assessed.

Students will be able to choose courses in each of the eight component areas to complete the required 42 core hours, the hours SHSU requires currently.

Eglsaer detailed that the committee is currently in the process of reviewing the new core classes submitted by each department.

SHSU will submit the new curriculum to the THECB in Nov. 2013 and will learn of approval or rejection in Feb. 2014

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