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SGA still dramatic despite calls for change

Associate Editor

Published: Monday, January 27, 2014

Updated: Monday, January 27, 2014 22:01

Kolby Flowers SGA Ramiro Jaime

Kaleigh Treiber | The Houstonian

Student Body Vice President Kolby Flowers delivers a weekly update from the office of the vice president. Flowers has recently come forward with details highlighting the alleged lack of leadership and communication of Student Body President Ramiro Jaime, Jr.

Following last semester’s student government breakdown, its officials feel the organization’s dramatic overtone is still an issue.

Student Body President Ramiro Jaime, Jr’s. authority hit a crossroad during his first semester as president when nine of the organization’s senators filed for his impeachment. After three months of agitated relationships within the organization, and impeachment files dropped, the dust has yet to settle.

Student Body Vice President Kolby Flowers said he hasn’t seen any change in the organization from last semester and thinks he isn’t likely to. Senators are still unhappy with the organization’s current leadership, Flowers said.

Multiple officials, including Flowers, have complained about Jaime’s lack of communication towards other members of the Executive Board and Senate.

“I hope President Jaime opens a line of communication to the Senate and the Executive Board,” Flowers said. “Communication is the only problem I have with the president. Many of the appointments he has made are made on the floor of the Senate [and] come without any prior announcement. He and I don’t even speak outside of the SGA meetings, even about SGA.”

Jaime said his military background dictates his communication skills and is to blame on the lack thereof.

“Being the president… you’re the chief of everything,” Jaime said. “That makes me the chief of communication, and I didn’t reach out to the Senate. Being in the military, I’m used to if you don’t speak up, you’re okay with everything that’s going on. The thing is, is yes, a couple of senators did speak to me that they disagreed with my agenda.”

Jaime said since only three out of 20 SGA members spoke up, the rest of the senate was okay with his agenda. Jaime’s opinion turned up null, and the Senate’s dissatisfaction led to the point of impeachment charges being filed.

Despite Jaime’s realization about the nature of the confrontation, the matters that were brought to him have yet to be addressed or changed within SGA, according to Flowers.

Jaime said he believes he did nothing wrong during the first half of his term as the chief representative of SHSU students, yet he said he would have done things differently last semester.

“Looking back, there are some things I could have done better,” Jaime said. “It was a lot of agenda that wanted to be done on both sides, and people disagreed with my agenda, as I respect. But I’m a rule follower, and I know I followed every rule to the ‘t’.”

The impeachment charges claimed he was in dereliction of duty and ignored the SGA Constitution and Rules & Procedures. The charges were eventually dropped after a Supreme Court hearing in which Chief Justice Frank Parker told the Senate to stop meddling in logistics and act accordingly as representatives of the student body.

Even with the prime directive from Parker, Jaime said he wasn’t satisfied with how the senate ran last semester under his administration.

“That’s the sad part about it,” Jaime said. “I have so many ideas and so many plans. I’m speculating, but I feel that there were certain people who didn’t agree with my agenda that maybe realized that I could get the votes and I could make my agenda happen, so they figured ‘hey, let’s create this ordeal and maybe he’ll lose votes for his agenda.’ There was a lot more I wanted to do.”

Despite the tension within the SGA chambers, work on improving student’s lives was done in the organization’s various committees. With unanimous approval from the Senate, SGA passed over 20 pieces of legislation. As a result of one piece of legislation, the university reviewed and revised its controversial nondisclosure agreement.

SGA is always accepting applications from students for senatorial position within the organization. For more information, contact the SGA office at 936-294-1938. SGA will meet tonight, weather permitting, at 6:30 p.m. in Lowman Student Center, room 320.

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