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SGA senators apologize after Facebook comments


Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 17:02


Student Government Association senators who made statements on Facebook criticizing another senator as well as a college have since made public apologies.

College of Business Caucus Chair Josh Beaman made comments against another senator who spoke at the campus carry debate on Tuesday about whether the university should allow concealed guns on campus to permit holders.

Beaman posted a public apology on the Houstonian Facebook page for his post.

“I would like to apologize to any student or Senator that I may have offended by my posting on Facebook,” Beaman said. “This was not my intent when posting the said status. As a senator on your student senate I take my job seriously and respect the office. In the heat of the moment I let my judgment lapse and disrespected the office and student body that I was elected to represent.”

College of Education Caucus Chair Ian Cottle commented on Beaman’s post saying that Beaman shouldn’t worry about the unnamed senator directed in the post that “he’s just a fine arts major.”

Cottle also apologized on Facebook.

“I would like to formally apologize for my actions that occurred over the social media during the Student Government Association meeting this Tuesday,” Cottle said. “I acted in ways that I truly regret and in no way shape or form describe my personality or character. I understand how my comments were disgusting and completely not how I feel towards any one person and or/ college at this university. For anyone who felt offended by my comments, I’m terribly sorry and take full responsibility for my actions. I in no way feel, the manner that I acted in was acceptable in any circumstance and feel completely embarrassed by how I handled myself being a representative of the Student Government Association and as a Bearkat.”

Beaman and Cottle first made their comments during the debate over the bill.

Other students also commented on the post.

Debate also sparked on the “Prison City Confessions” Facebook page where several students and SGA senators debated the level of advertising SGA did on requesting student feedback. The post received more than 100 comments.

The SGA will vote on SB S013-2, a campus carry support bill, on Tuesday at their regular general meeting.

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