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Obamacare is put on hold for small business owners

Rep. Kevin Brady criticizes ongoing ACA issues

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Published: Monday, February 10, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 10, 2014 23:02


Jay R. Jordan | The Houstonian

U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady R-TX, speaking at an event. Brady says the Affordable Care Act is a disaster for small business owners.


AP Photo/The Monitor, Joel Martinez

Ruben De La Rosa, center, assist attendees sign up for ACA during an Affordable Care Act enrollment fair held at the University of Texas-Pan American's CESS building saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 in Edinburg, Texas.

Another delay was added to the Affordable Care Act Monday and its mission to help every American obtain a form of health insurance.

Initially intended to make sure that all small business employers would provide proper health coverage to all full-time employees, ACA set an original deadline for compliance for Jan.1, 2014.

The White House announced the second of two delays on this section of ACA, setting the new date for January 2016.

The part of the ACA in question applies only to employers with between 50 and 99 employees, but Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) finds the situation to be a sign of impending issues with the ACA.

“I think local businesses of all sizes are hurt by ACA,” Brady said. “Delaying mandates a year doesn’t solve the problem here.”

As it faces pushback and delay with smaller businesses, ACA continues to press with Brady and his steady opposition to the Act.

The delay adds two more years of “uncertainty” according to Diane Calmus, Legislative Assistant to Brady.

“What it is doing is delaying the date by which the employers have to either provide coverage or pay a fine,” Calmus said.

However, some business owners are thankful of the delay.

“I am quite pleasantly surprised,” National Retail Federation spokesman Neil Trautwein said to Reuters. “This is beginning to look more like something the business community can live with.”

The president continues to postpone the realization of his flagship legislation in an effort to appeal to voters in anticipation of the upcoming midterm elections, according to Brady.

“The president doesn’t want to be held accountable,” Brady said. “The law just isn’t ready. The answer is for all mandates to be repealed.”

While small business owners can take a deep breath and reevaluate how to handle the eventual implementation of the mandate, individuals in need of insurance do not have so much time.

The official deadline to gain insurance and avoid paying fines is March 31 and open enrollment will not reopen until September 1.

Any persons without coverage between these dates will be subject to finesof one percent of their yearly household income, or $95 per person in a household. The latter method caps off at $285.

In addition, the fines accumulate on a monthly basis and average out at the cost of coverage.

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