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New website, challenges Facebook addiction

Staff Reporter

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 31, 2013 01:01

fb vs fa

Molly Waddell | The Houstonian

ADDICTION. FAddict hopes to fight facebook addiction with a $5 pledge that the user won’t go on Facebook for thirty days. is a brand new website that is challenging Facebook addiction in an unconventional way. Their premise consists of three parts: $5, 30 days, no Facebook. is an online program geared toward breaking addiction to Facebook. Users place a $5 pledge on the website and deactivate their Facebook account for 30 days. There are currently 28 participants.

The students and faculty at SHSU find the program interesting.

“It’s a fun and funny thing to do”, sophomore student Leticia Quintanilla said. “I’d definitely try it, it’s competitive.”

Christopher White, Ph.D., associate chair of Mass Communication also thinks the program is worth checking out.

“If I had a Facebook, I’d take the plunge. I’d even give up email too in order to try other things”, he said.

He also wants to make the program more interesting by increasing the pledge amount.

The program’s only rule is that the participants cannot reactivate their account within the 30 days. If they do, they will lose their pledge. The website also publishes the names of the participants who completed and failed the program on the front page.

“I’d rather have the pledge at $100 to make thing really exciting. Because if you lose that much, you’ll really feel the burn”, White commented.

All failed pledges will go to The Toronto Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The best in this field.

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