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New Blackboard feature has SHSU students puzzled


Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 00:02

A new Blackboard feature that allows Sam Houston State University students to access their previous semesters’ class history has some confused with their current classes.

According to Ruth Cubas, director of Online Course Development at SHSU Online, the new component doesn’t affect current classes, and is there as an option for students to remove the feature.

“This new feature tends to cause confusion for some students who do not readily understand why a course list may include courses from past semesters,” Cubas said. “This is a matter of student preference… some simply don’t want to see their old courses listed on the menu.”

Blackboard serves as an online portal for students and professors to maintain online classes as well as accessing documents and interactive features to complement course curriculum.

The new feature was implemented at the start of the spring 2013 semester. Cubas said students have called concerned about the interaction between current courses and the new feature end up involving issues unrelated to their course history.

“Students who didn’t enroll in a course before the start of the semester, or who were dropped from a class for non-payment, may experience a slight processing delay in seeing their courses online,” she said. “Students who desire to have old course titles removed from their course list face absolutely no issue as it relates to their [current] coursework.”

Students are able to check previous grades of past classes that coincide with an itemized list of assignments for each class taken.

Yet, junior criminal justice major Alec Haeberle isn’t sold on the usefulness of the feature.

Haeberle said the feature is a good idea, but he doesn’t see the usefulness in tracking course history.

“It could be useful if you’re trying to trace a grade history,” he said. “If you’re trying to get some official report a transcript would be the best idea. I thank them for the feature but where would I use it?”

Currently, SHSU Online is taking calls regarding problems or confusion with the feature. Students are able to remove the feature at their discretion as long as they screen shot their current My Sam schedule and email it to SHSU Online.

For more information contact, SHSU Online and Distance Education and Learning Technologies for Academics (Delta Center) at 936-294-2780 or email at

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