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Momentage app combines multimedia into one artistic post

Contributing Reporter

Published: Monday, February 10, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 10, 2014 23:02

Smartphone photography is transforming from selfies to artistic expressions with the new multimedia phone app Momentage.

The app, which has been gaining popularity since its release in October, allows users to post photos, videos and audio, similar to that of Facebook and Instagram. Momentage is currently only available for iOS and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

What is different about Momentage is it doesn’t just share photos and videos but grants users the ability to combine it all and craft a storytelling experience.

Users can create a “moment” by combining up to 15 photos and videos. Momentage also has a special feature called SoundImages. After editing a photo, users can record up to 30 seconds of audio to play over that photo.

These moments can be edited, rearranged and deleted long after posted, a feature that distinguishes Momentage from popular competitors, along with its privacy settings. Users can choose who they let see their moments by creating groups within their followers, comparable to Google+.

 “Momentage provides an experience that enriches communication with video and SoundImages and supplies both the creator and the receiver with significantly more context,” creator George Castineiras said in an interview.

Castineiras said he wanted to create a community for “creatives” to share artistically designed moments and be inspired by other’s experiences. Moving away from selfie after selfie and images of food, the app provides an innovative platform for sharing original photos.

According to Momentage’s website, “our mission is to produce a better-designed alternative that closely resembles how moments are shared in the real world. We are committed to bringing our community innovative ways to create and share experiences.”

Momentage has reeled in members from the artistic community. It has grown in popularity with photographers and artists in the past few months, but with creativity playing a large role in the use of this app, gaining a following with the general public might not come so quickly.

“I feel like it has the possibility to last,” junior psychology major Jordan Erickson said. “It would all depend on how easy it really is to use. People like things that are simple and understandable. It won’t surpass the other apps because they are so popular.”

Momentage has many special features for someone who is tired of the same Instagram feed and desires a more artistic social outlet. But for the average Smartphone user, it may take some time before they are inspired to create a storytelling moment.

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