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Mississippi finally outlaws slavery

148 years after the Civil War ended, the state of Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment.

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Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 16:02

Mississippi finally outlaws slavery

148 years after the Civil War ended, the state of Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment on Feb. 7, 2013.

Storified by McKinzie Brocail· Tue, Feb 19 2013 13:49:25

Mississippi thanks for [finally] abolishing 2013...during Black History MonthTheOnlySupaBad
148 years later, Mississippi ratifies amendment banning slavery22 hours ago ... Mississippi has officially -- finally -- ratified the Thirteenth Amendment ban on   slavery after a mistake with its pap...
According to the LA Times, the state of Mississippi originally rejected the 13th amendment on Dec. 4, 1865. Then in 1995 the Legislature voted to ratify the amendment. However, it appears the paperwork that was to be sent to the National Archives (official record-keepers, more-or-less) got lost.
BREAKING NEWS:  Mississippi has just signed the papers to abolish slavery.  A congressman that had watched the new movie LINCOLN, dug into old papers, and realized Mississippi had never signed the paperwork.  Wow!  Thank GOD they're free at last.Patty Robarts McCullough
This error was corrected on Feb. 7, 2013 after an associate professor,Ranjan Batra, at the University of Mississippi Medical Center did some research after seeing the movie "Lincoln."
lincoln-spielberg-posterIP Anónima_
Big news out of Mississippi today: the state has finally completed the process that ratifies the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: you know, the one that BANS SLAVERY.  Mississippi officially ratified the amendment in 1995, but a clerical 'oversight' resulted in a seventeen-year delay.  One wonders what is next up on the agenda: perhaps amending the laws that dictate the punishment of indentured servants if they run away to the Louisiana Territory?  I kid, I kid.  The story, though, shows the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration: two scientists investigated this issue after an evening of watching "Lincoln."  The historians, it seems, were asleep at the wheel on this one.
Batra told a co-worker, Ken Sullivan, that the 1995 ratification never reached the archivist. Sullivan notified the state's secretary of state office. The issue was corrected immediately.
The US State of Mississippi finally abolishes slavery: It took Spielberg's film 'Lincoln' to remind them to do it! Snow
I would like to welcome Mississippi to the 21st century, seeing as it finally ratified the 13th Amendment& abolished slavery this month.Farah McQueen
Turns out Mississippi outlawed slavery... YESTERDAY Stoyanoff
The Mississippi state flag looks rather confederate, doesn't it?
Mississippi State FlagV8mac

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