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Health Center and Counseling Center building plans underway

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Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 01:01


provided by student health center

This is a look at the new Health and Counseling Center from an outside architectural firm.

The new Student Health Center and Counseling Center building plans are underway according to SHC director Sarah Hanel.

The team met Jan. 9 to explain to the potential architects and contractors the bidding process. The architects and contractors have to submit documentation talking about previous projects that they have done and how they can contribute to the project.

The construction management team met Wednesday and looked through what people have submitted to see what their qualifications are, according to Hanel.

Hanel said on Jan. 25 the university will meet and announce the short list of companies they would like a presentation from and an opportunity to interview. By Feb. 7 the interviews will be complete and the most qualified contracting and architectural company will be selected on Feb. 8.

On Jan. 25 the design process starts.

“We have been very deliberate for two years about how we want the layout to be and the importance of that,” Hanel said. “This is so we can maintain our accreditation standards, which is very important for us because that puts us on the map to say we do provide quality healthcare.”

Jan. 25 they plan to break ground at the old King Hall location. This is across the street from their current location.

Hanel is excited about the new location.

“A lot of the Health Centers traffic comes from new Lone Star Hall and a lot of the freshman dorms surrounding us as well as Old Main Market,” according to Hanel.

With the new location Hanel hopes to get more traffic and to better serve the students.

“To be able to provide those services for the students is what we are really excited about, as well as having counseling right up stairs to help with any mental health concerns and stuff like that,” Hanel said.

Hanel said the new building will not only be able to house more students, but will give them the opportunity to have a nursing clinic and radiology.

“We would like to eventually bring in some specialists like a gynecologists…potentially orthopedics, physical therapy,” Hanel said.  “To be able to provide those services at a cost we incur, not the students. That is really important for us to do.”

Although the Health Center and the Counseling Center will be combining into the same building they will still be functioning as separate entities. Hanel still believes the combination is important.

“The reason it is so important is because I can’t even begin to tell you how many students we refer over the counseling center for mental health issues,” Hanel said. “Students just don’t want to go because of the walk, or they don’t know where it is at.”

The estimated breaking of ground is in October of this year and the building is hoped to be finished in the summer of 2014.

“Our hopes are that we can have it ready for our fall students to come in,” Hanel said. 

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