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Gamers line up for “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” at midnight release

Senior Reporter

Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 00:11


McKinzie Brocail | The Houstonian

SHSU students Christian Bowsher (left) and Chase Hunt (right) play each other during the “Call of Duty; Black Ops II” midnight release.

Forty-degree weather did not stop hundreds of gamers from waiting at the release of Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” at the GameStop in Huntsville on Monday night.

The first-person shooter video game was officially released at midnight in across North America for XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. Black Ops II is the ninth game of the Call of Duty (CoD) series, and the sequel to the 2010 “Call of Duty: Black Ops.”

Rather than having people wait in a long single file line outside the building, the GameStop prepared for the crowd by allowing gamers to pay for the game and return with their receipts containing a group number, so they could leave and return at midnight to pick it up.

Some gamers came prepared for a wait. There were lawn chairs, packed coolers, and even a trunk loaded with speakers, a flat screen and a gaming console.

Many laughed when asked why they didn’t just go home after getting their tickets.

“There’s a tournament, and this is like tailgating for gamers,” Chad Gooch, a CoD enthusiast said. “I’ve been here since 3:30 this afternoon and we’ve all just been hanging out and trading gamer tags.

This was Gooch’s sixth time waiting at a video game release, and he first in line both last year and this year for the “Black Ops’” releases.

“They say the graphics are different and better, and it’s set in the future,” Gooch said. “The guns are going to be different. I’m most excited for the multiplayer.”

This time around, the Zombies mode has its own campaign. The game also features branching storylines where the player’s actions affect not only the current mission, but also the overall track of the story.

Instead of going home and coming back later, numerous hardcore CoD fans waited for hours to play in the store’s Black Ops II tournament.

“I normally come out for the CoD releases,” Christian Bowsher, criminal justice freshman, said. “It’s the next in the franchise. Call of Duty gives me something to do in life. I’ll go home and play the campaign first, I don’t have class until 12:30 tomorrow.”

The store manager said this release was bigger than last years, and last years’ was huge. There were two screens set up with two players each for the tournament in 3D display. The first to five kills won and everyone who played got Black Ops’ patches or posters.

Even gamers showing up to get in line hours after others had already received theirs were excited.

“You’ve got to be the first,” Tyler Eppler, kinesiology sophomore, said. “The Newtown maps are the best.”

The preorder of Black Ops II features “Nuketown 2025,” a bonus multiplayer map.

A few girls were present among the release’s gamer crowd.

“I came to the release of Black Ops last year with my boyfriend,” Briana Van Dyne, a kinesiology freshman, said. “He got me into it then.”

Her boyfriend, Kei Harvin, sophomore mass communication major said, “I have to kind of carry her on the team, but she’s getting better.”

Rent-A-Center sponsored the tournament and provided the entertainment centers and televisions.


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