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Dodge ‘farmer’ commercial grows on nation

Staff Reporter

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2013 00:02


Provided by Dodge Ram Trucks YouTube

Dodge Ram Truck’s two-minute “Farmer” commercial has positively impacted the Ag community.

The advertisement received overwhelmingly positive reception across the nation and was the most commented about advertisement in social media, according to Bluefin Labs, receiving more than 402,000 public comments and tweets.

The advertisement also sparked a 55 percent increase in search activity for Dodge’s Ram Trucks brand according to the Wall Street Journal.

The success of Dodge’s marketing campaign came through the increased surge in recognition of related topics including farming, agriculture and the National FFA Organization. Google Trends shows the FFA internet search activity comes close to rivaling that seen during the agricultural education organization’s annual convention held each October.

“It definitely brought agriculture to the forefront of people’s minds for at least two minutes,” SHSU graduate Krystin Bodden said, “that in itself is an accomplishment [for the agriculture industry].”

This is good news for the agriculture industry, especially agricultural educators and colleges, like Sam Houston State University, that support agricultural related degrees.

“I had a high school student call me after [the ad aired] and told me she wanted to be an ag teacher,” Doug Ullrich, Ph.D., agricultural education professor. “Imagine, an ad having an impact like that. It’s great!”

“The ad was voted most memorable of [the] 2013 [Super Bowl],” Veronica Plant, SHSU graduate said, “and it’s not only ag people who watch the Super Bowl.”
Although the agricultural community has seen success, viewers have criticized the religious undertone.

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