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Country reelects Obama to four more years

Battleground states swing solidly in incumbents favor

Editor-in-Chief, Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 01:11


Stephen Green | The Houstonian

It’s for more years for President Barack Obama.

Many major media outlets called the election for Obama after Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada were projected to be in his favor. Those battleground states proved key to the incumbents reelection.

Sam Houston State University students are still split on the outcome.

“I’m happy and excited,” freshman Jakeitha Mims said.

Others didn’t share the joy Mims had.

“I [feel] disappointment...another four years,” Zack Goodlander, political science sophomore said. “I wanted Romney to win.”

Like most of America, there are a good handful of people who aren’t too upset either way.

“I don’t really like [Obama’s] foreign policy,” Rene Bolanos, criminal justice sophomore said. “I’m not going to be so angry as to leave the country though.”

The social media reaction to the re-election was much like the election
itself; divided. The Houstonian monitored the reaction on Twitter of accounts listed within 15 miles of
Huntsville. Just like the election results, the tone was mixed with support/resentment of the Obama
administration as well as the same for Romney.

As the results of the presidential election came in and the states were called, Obama supporters grew
increasingly worried when Romney was out to an early lead. But they were singing a different tune once it became clear that Obama would maintain his seat.

“Just the thought of Romney winning makes me cry.” - @MarissaH0301
There was panic early on about Romney winning states that Obama didn’t win in the previous election
either, such as West Virginia and Kentucky.

Romney supporters were disappointed in the Republican nominee having the advantage in the popular vote for much of the night, but not being able to win the Electoral College. Some were calling for an adjustment to the voting process.

“Romney is winning the popular voted and still doesn’t get elected president. Fix da system,”

@aaronallen64 said.

“Romney has more than a millon more votes than Obama.” - @Alex_Mewbourn
“Obama had his chance already, let a new guy take the stand. But IF he wins i better be able to get food
stamps when i collect unemployment.” - @chyzontwitta
Others were talking about leaving the country, slightly reminiscent of the president winning his first

“I'm not a political person, but this election is ridiculous. I'm moving out of the country. #unbelievable” -
“I’m already emotional about this election. If Obama wins, I’m moving to Canada with the Yeti’s. -
There was another section of tweeters who were just ready for the election to be over.

“I'm excited its Election Day. Mostly because I'm so glad the constant campaign talk will be over,
regardless of who wins. #Election2012” - @VikingGeah

“Some people are taking this whole election thing too far. #CHILL” - @_RobbieRay
“Ok. Obama won. Now everyone can shut up.” - @_ButtonMyZipper

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