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Concealed Handgun License bill introduced to SGA to gain student support

Senior Reporter

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 00:02

Student Government Association

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Student Government Association

A bill introduced to the Sam Houston State University Student Government Association will put student support behind passage of the concealed handgun license holders to carry on campus bill that will be going through the Texas Legislature.

Caucus Chair for the College of Business, Joshua Beaman introduced Senate Bill S13-02 on Tuesday during SGA’s weekly meeting.

“[The bill] allows us to say yes, as a student body here at Sam Houston State, we’re in support of being able to protect ourselves,” said Beaman. “The purpose of it is so show our support to the state to say that we want something changed, either allow us to protect ourselves more, or budget more… cops, more security guards in buildings.”

Beaman announced during the meeting that he did not want this bill rushed through SGA without the student body’s consent first.

“I don’t want to be that senator… that forces this through in one meeting,” Beaman said. “This is such a big issue. This is being talked about in the national media, it’s being talked about around the state. I feel [the students] have the right to come and talk, show their opinion, so that… if it passes it doesn’t backfire on [SGA].”

College of Education senator William Searuggs voiced his support for the bill during the meeting but petitioned to have an amendment added to the bill that every CHL holding student, faculty or staff member be reported to UPD.

“I would like for there to be a little more regulation,” Searuggs said. “Just to have a little more safety for myself, I would rather the people who have CHL licenses here at Sam Houston State… to inform UPD so [they] will at least have record with who has it and who doesn’t have it.”

Beaman agreed that there should be a provision in the bill that states UPD maintain a list of CHL holders, but only on the grounds that they don’t make those names public.

“They should have to notify UPD,” said Beaman. “On that same note, I hope that UPD does not make that list public.”

SGA will vote on the bill in two weeks after student consultation.

SGA is asking that students attend their meetings in room 320 in the Lowman Student Center on Feb. 12 and 19 in order to voice their opinions and concerns with the bill. 

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