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Career Expo offers students chance to get ahead in tough job market

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Published: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2012 01:09

Career Expo offers students chance to get ahead in tough job market

George Mattingly

The Career Expo and Graduate Professional School Fair featured a variety of about 88 companies in Johnson Coliseum on Wednesday.

Students flocked to Johnson Coliseum on Wednesday looking for opportunities to network and find future jobs as Career Services hosed its annual Career Expo and Graduate Professional School Fair.

A variety of 88 companies including several public services and police departments from Austin, Bryan and Baytown as well as Cellular Cells, Target, McCoy’s Building Supply, Peace Corps and Crothall Healthcare. Representatives from SHSU Graduate Studies, University of North Texas, and University of Houston, Texas Wesleyan University were also present.

For several students who attended, the expo was an opportunity to network with potential employers face-to face, an important aspect of job searching, according to Susan Byrd of Career Services.

"It’s important for students to make themselves visible to employers," Byrd said. "It helps them to stand out versus other ways of contacting employers such as through email or mail."

"Sam gives us so many options to find jobs, but beyond that its more difficult to find a job now," Julie Mannella, senior marketing major, said. "It’s almost like you have to know someone to get a job, so it’s good we get to be her and get an idea of what employers are looking for."

Some graduate students went, not to find a job, but to take the next step in their careers.

"I work in retail now, so I’m looking for a chance to move up," Graduate student Brandon Boast said. "It’s not scary for me to find a job, it’s just a matter of getting my name and resum out there to move up."

For most students, the prospect of finding a job after graduation is a frightening, especially with rate of unemployment. As of August of this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the unemployment rate for Texas at 7.1 percent.

Despite the fright, it was important for students to be at the expo to prepare for the future after graduation.

"It is scary to think about because graduating and finding a job is a long process," Jaimee Mayes, senior Criminal Justice major, said. "But it’s good to be here to get a head start and see what different employers require."

Bryd offered advice to students who are preparing to graduate and begin looking for jobs.

"Prepare early and be aware of the services available and more importantly, take advantage of them," she said. "It makes the difference and will help [students] advance."


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