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Anonymous ‘Sex in the Dark’ talk to be hosted on campus

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 22:02

All your sexual questions will be answered.

Sam Houston State University’s gay straight alliance, Gamma Sigma Kappa, is offering students an opportunity to ask questions about sex while remaining anonymous during a “Sex in the Dark” event Thursday.

The program, led by Student Health Center’s programing coordinator Lisa Clarkson, licensed vocational nurse Frieda Turner, and registered nurse Alice Stenstavoid, is geared towards educating participants in a non-invasive manner.

“Each question is written on a Post-it note, the notes are collected, and then the lights are turned off in the room,” Clarkson said. “The facilitators are at the front of the room with a flashlight and will read each question and then answer them. We also allow other audience members to give feedback but only if comments are respectful.”

Gamma Sigma Kappa President Cody Brannan said the event is being held to uphold the organization’s mission of providing and advancing knowledge on LGBT issues and culture.

“We hope to empower the students to further their education, whether it be with content like this that is pretty private,” Brennan said. “The more they know the safer they will be with sex.”

Due to the anonymity of the program, a wide range of questions are expected to be asked from general sexual education to LGBT-related questions to “unconventional questions that are not usually answered in basic sex education curricula,” according to Brannan.

Senior psychology major Timmy Child said he believes that this program will really help younger participants get answers to questions they have without feeling embarrassed or judged.

“It is a great thing; there is a lot of young generation members of LGBT that don’t know specific things or have no one to ask them about,” Child said. “It will get people to be honest about the questions the want to know because they are not physically asking it.”

Brannan said the program is there to address questions from the LGBT community that isn’t taught in schools.

“By hosting this event and making it public, we are empowering the on-campus LGBT community and its allies by preparing them for sex and providing an educational environment where all questions remain anonymous,” he said.

“Sex in the Dark” will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Lowman Student Center room 304.

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