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Lebron James to star in 'SpaceJam' sequel, theroretically

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Published: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 23, 2014 00:02



About 18 years ago, Looney Tunes and basketball joined forces with a member of the National Basketball Association against evil Martians with motives of enslaving all of man and cartoon kind. It has been reported that Space Jam is in the line for a sequel.

The 90s classic, Space Jam, has been reported to have a sequel in the making that will star Lebron James along with other unnamed NBA stars.

James has the option to opt out of his contract this year. This leaves open his options to use his talents on the big screen.

There have been people skeptical to the idea of changing the Looney Tunes savior to anyone but the hall of famer, Michael Jordan.

Will fans really enjoy a number 23 wannabe? The answer is: Maybe. With the Legos movie being released last week and not doing horribly, another Warner Bros could pump out another children’s movie.

There is a new generation on the rise. 20 somethings and up remember the original Space jam with Michael Jordan and bugs bunny.

Looney Tunes recently had a revamp as well as the NBA. What could this plot possibly include? After all the universe was saved and the Martians went home with they tail between their legs.   

Despite these rumors or making a sequel to a possible dead horse, Warner Bros recently tweeted a promotion picture suggesting that a new Godzilla is underway:




After all this, Warner Bros have neither confirmed nor denied making a sequel with James.

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