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Hostess Twinkies may become extinct!

Hostess Brand, Inc., may close on Friday thanks to striking workers.

Senior Reporter

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 21:11



Hostess Twinkies may become extinct!

Hostess Brand, Inc., may close on Friday thanks to striking workers. The maker of Twinkies, Ding-Dongs and Wonderbread may liquidate its assets, resulting in the loss of 18,000 jobs. The company declared bankruptcy in January.

Storified by McKinzie Brocail · Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:48:44

Maker of Twinkies says it will shut down if strikers don't go back to work tomorrow. It employs 18,000 people. Corporate Intel
The Twinkie celebrated its 82nd birthday this year. (No, not the original Twinkie. They do actually expire.) The Twinkie product has been around for an incredible 82 years. Tomorrow, it may be all over for Hostess.
Save #Hostess! #Twinkies #WonderBread #DingDongs #Cupcakes #SuzyQs #SnoBalls #strikeMonte Kaiser
Sugarpie TwinkiesSugarpie Cafe
Some Twinkie lovers are pretty distraught over the possible closing.
Seriously going to cry if they stop manufacturing Twinkies lmaoNatalie Gomez
No more WonderBread or Twinkies?! #youhavegottobeshittingme #squishygirlproblemsJasmin Carlton
No SuzyQ, No Twinkie!  It's like watching a ship sink.  So sad.Billy Meloche
I haven't eaten a Twinkie in years but I'd be sad if Hostess really goes bust.TCAnelle
@moorehn @GreatDismal where's a government bailout when we really need one. #twinkietreppei
Of the 33 Hostess production plants, 3 closed this week. A total of 12 plants have been affected by the strike.
Stock up now before it's too late. These cream-filled spongecakes are going to be gone.
#Hostess may be #goingoutofbusiness as soon as tomorrow! Therefore, I'm stockpiling on  #Twinkies before they're #goneforever!George Boucher
Had a twinkie lately?  If so, it will probably be your last.  Twinkies, hostess cupcakes and wonder bread will most likely be gone within a week.  18,000 employees.Tom Larsen
I can't imagine what Texas fairs are going to offer instead of fried Twinkies....
Twinkies.  Fried.KriMonster
So, the people who make Twinkies look like they are going under. My opportunity to try a deep fried twinkie on a stick is receeding :-(John Kirriemuir
Here's a video showing what's actually in a Hostess Twinkie.
Whats in a Twinkie?nilbogavenger
The Hostess Company is threatening to close, but that doesn't mean you can't make one of its signature snack cakes, the Twinkie, from scratch:  What's your favorite dessert of choice?Yahoo!
Sad that they may forever disappear? Make your own!
Certainly with the current economy, people don't need to lose their jobs, but....
So tomorrow could be the end of an era, the end of the Twinkie.    I don't get it, the bankruptcy court handed down a contract, the union members chose to strike anyway.  The company should simply FIRE all the union members that don't want a job, and give the jobs to some of the unemployed that would  be happy to work.Kevin Roznowski
There was supposed to be news about the company's status on the strike tonight, but nothing has been heard.
4 p.m. deadline passes with no word from Hostess on bakery closings due to strike: Chicago
Don't let what happens in Zombieland happen to you next month during the Zombie Apocalypse! Stock up tonight!
No the Hostess can't close, I have stocked up on my twinkies yet for the zombie apocalypse! Lisa W ツ
#nutuporahutup #lovethismovie #zombieland #Tallahassee #columbus #littlerock #wichita #everyonemakesfunoftheredneckuntilthezombieapacolypse #instagood #instazombies #twinkiesMeg Perry

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