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Hilarious Power Outage Tweets During Super Bowl XLVII

Twitter-verse and other social media sites went crazy with funny theories of power outage's origin

Staff Reporter

Published: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updated: Sunday, February 3, 2013 21:02

<script src="//"></script><noscript>[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "Hilarious Power Outage Tweets During Super Bowl XLVII" on Storify</a>]<h1>Hilarious Power Outage Tweets During Super Bowl XLVII</h1><h2>During the beginning of the third quarter of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens the power went out at the New Orleans' Superdome.</h2><p>Storified by <a href="">McKinzie Brocail</a>· Sun, Feb 03 2013 18:46:22 </p><div>The Twitter-verse and other social media sites went crazy with funny theories as to why the power cut out after the Beyonce/Destiny's Child half-time show.</div><div>Power Goes Out in Superdome Super Bowl XLVIIgamingcenterchannel</div><div>The Superdome was not ready for that Jelly. I blame #Beyonce. #SB47 #SuperBowlJeff Barrett</div><div>I give it five more minutes until the looting starts at the Superdome.John DeVore</div><div> #superbowl #blackoutaddieee</div><div>BeyoncĂ© stole the show... Then she stole the power.Grumpy Cat </div><div>"FEMA didn't pay the light bill." - @hollywoodh3Lana McCarley</div><div>We have nothing to do with thisILLUMINATI</div><div>Lmao #blackout #superbowl  #49ers #ravens #aintnobodygottimeforthat #funny #sunday #football #nflNatasha Lata</div><div>Now is probably a good time to remind you that taxpayers spent $470 million to rebuild the SuperDome</div><div>This #stadiumpoweroutage must be sending the Puppy Bowl ratings through the woof!!!Nev Schulman</div><div>Is this the #Superbowl or a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?Men's Humor</div><div>Someone plug Jacoby Jones up to a generator and keep this game going.Kevin Young</div><div>Kaepernick keeping busy by getting a tattoo of a light bulb.MJ</div><div>I like to think I'm funny. #superbowl #blackoutTeague Fordis</div><div>Bane just arrived in New Orleans!Faux John Madden</div><div>BREAKING: Kanye West hits lights, says "Yo Super Bowl Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best performances of all time ALL TIME"Benjamin</div><div>After a delay of approximately 35 minutes the lights came back on and the game resumed.</div></noscript>

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