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Wynn Home features obscure work from The Art Guys

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 23:02

The Art Guys

Marissa Nunez | The Houstonian

The Art Guys are showcasing some of there more obscure work in the Wynne Home Art Center in Huntsville.

Marrying plants, sitting in a diner for 24 hours, and walking for miles with buckets of water attach to someone’s feet may seem bizarre. Yet art duo The Art Guys find nothing strange about it.

The pair have brought their unconventional art to the historic Wynne Home Arts and Visitor Center.   

 Titled “Scattershot,” the exhibit, which opened Jan. 25, showcases unique and quirky twists on everyday objects by either altering them in an obscure way or pairing two unrelated objects. For example, “Ship in a Bottle,” involves a hammer stuck through a book.

Most of the projects featured at the exhibit involve paintings intertwined with sculpting and metal working techniques to add depth and eeriness to each piece.

“They have fun with their art and do things that are unusual and out there but make people laugh at the same time,” Linda Pease, cultural services coordinator for the Wynne Home, said.

The Art Guys, also known as Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing, began their collaboration in 1983 at the University of Houston. They dipped their hands in paint and shook hands while letting the excess drip onto canvas. By creating their first piece, “The Art Guys Agree on Painting,” the partnership was solidified, Pease said.  

Thirty years later Galbreth and Massing have become nationally recognized for their eccentric art displays and performances. The two have been featured in more than 150 galleries and museums, including 60 solo exhibitions, and has spoken at more than 60 universities.

“They are very much about ideas and most of their work is designed to make people think,” said Pease. “We are very fortunate to have them here.”

From vintage photographs decorated with clown noses and pin needles, to PVC pipes protruding from the floor and towel racks hanging above the fire mantel, the Art Guys use various materials to encourage the viewer to look past the physical and aesthetic aspect of the piece and to find a deeper meaning within it.

“They once said that no matter how unrelated two things might be, once you put them together people will always try to find a deeper relationship between the two,” Pease said.

A piece in particular uses assorted items to link together and stretch across the gallery to express the message of staying connected with one another.

“It is made up of entirely different pieces but when you connect them then you’re able to reach across, which I thought was interesting because the Wynne Home is all about staying connected with the community,” Pease said.

The Art Guys will be back at the Wynne Home to discuss “Scattershot” and their other artwork and performances on Feb. 27at 5:30 p.m.

For more information regarding the Wynne Home or the exhibit, visit or call 936-291-5424

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