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Wreck-it Ralph for gamers young, old

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Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 23:11


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Wreck-it Ralph is a story about a villain who wants to be accepted. It brought $49.1 million opening weekend. This is the strongest debut for a Walt Disney Animation production, according to CNN.

Disney’s latest animated feature, Wreck-it Ralph, featured some familiar faces in gaming, like Pac-Man and Bowser, and new characters from original games. This movie, released Friday in theatres across the country, will be a favorite for video game fans and non-gamers alike.

The title character, Wreck-it Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, hails from the fictional arcade game, Fix-it Felix, Jr., voiced by Jack McBrayer, where Ralph is the villain known for destroying a large apartment complex in a matter of seconds. Unlike many video game villains, Ralph knows the loneliness of being unwelcome, unwanted and unappreciated by the citizens of the game. He leaves his own game to seek a medal to prove that even bad guys can be good guys sometimes.

While the arcade is closed, Ralph goes through two other games, gathering a small cast of main characters, and ends up in a fictional game called Sugar Rush, which is a racing game with a sweets theme. The little girl he meets there, Vanillope, voiced by Sarah Silverman,  has some problems of her own. Ralph helps her out, then destroys the work and helps her again to eventually save the game.

The development of the movie’s main plot has its lulls. The beginning is moving and allows the audience to connect with Ralph. Felix becomes a disliked character for his treatment of Ralph. In the other games he goes to, Ralph is also instantly met with rejection. The audience can’t help but feel bad for him; he goes through so much for just a little recognition.

With three games designed for this movie, the graphics between them are varied and fitting to their worlds. With the Fix-it Felix, Jr. game, it shifts between traditional 8-bit graphics and 3D graphics. The movement of the characters is jerky, like one would expect. In the first-person shooter game, the graphics are highly detailed and stunning in this aspect. Even Candy Rush, which is reminiscent of a giant CandyLand board, has the perfect cutesy effects. It all helps immerse the viewer and draw them into the plight of the characters.

The slight love story to it all is a little distracting and a unexpected. Between who will not be said, but for anyone who has seen the movie, it can be said that while adding an interesting dimension to some things, it could have been left out. The talented voice actors shined, including the always fabulous Jane Lynch, and each fit their roles well.

This movie caters to video game fans, children and just about everyone. It has some fantastic jokes that may go over the heads of children, and the graphics are well worth it. It is highly recommended to see in theatres if the chance arises. Overall, it is well worth the 90 minutes.

We give this film four and a half out of five paws.

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