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The best of the worst of the 2008 MySpace era bands

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 20:02

We all remember MySpace. We all had a MySpace. Remember when you used to leave comments for your friends? You had your top eight friends that turned into the top 32, and you had the bulletins that you used to alert your friends of what you were doing in life before they came up with statuses. But remember the scene kids and the music they listened to?

Those bands were so bad but so good at the same time. They were my guilty pleasure so long ago.

Here are the best of the worst of the scene kid bands and one band that actually rose above their MySpace image and actually worked on getting better at making music.

Blood on the Dance Floor

I barely listened to this band but they have to be the worst of the best of the worst. They suck but in a good way. They had...some talent. They died when MySpace died though.


brokeNCYDE was constantly getting hate and for good reason. They tried to incorporate rap and screaming into the same genre which was eventually called crunkcore. They were my biggest guilty pleasure. But I have to admit they are some nice guys. I talked to some of them and they are cool guys. I got excited when they followed me on twitter but they still suck.

Dot Dot Curve :)

Dot Dot Curve :) tried so hard to be like brokeNCYDE...and failed. Even one of the members looks like one of the guys in brokeNCYDE. They were crunkcore, too.

J Bigga

J Bigga was a trainwreck. He really is not making music anymore but he's the best of the bands above. He still sucked and his lyrics were probably written by a baby but he tried so hard to be funny and failed.

...And now for the band that actually tried to get better and rose above their MySpace image.

The Millionaires

I listen to them all the time and I have to admit that video was pretty bad. The vocals were horrendous and the video seemed like a tutorial on how to edit videos.

They released a better video and better song just a few months ago called "Drinks on Me".

They have risen above their image they had on MySpace of scene girls with lots of makeup. They dropped a member and actually got better. They are releasing a debut album on March 13. It seems they have gotten better with their vocals and focused on an image that isn't overtaking them.

Oh, MySpace, how you entertained me so long ago. I sort of miss you...

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