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SHSU Christian rapper to perform for wider audience a Old Main Pit

Staff Reporter

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 11, 2012 01:10


Provided by Cody Miles

Cody Miles has sung from a young age, being influenced by the Beastie Boys and Eminem.

Sam Houston State University senior, Cody Miles, is a Christian solo rap artist who travels around Texas to do what he loves. Thanks to The One Group, Miles is able to bring his talents to Sam Houston. Thursday at 8 p.m. Miles is throwing a free concert at the Old Main Pit at Austin Hall.

Miles has always been inspired by hip-hop as a culture. He was first drawn to music when he purchased a cassette tape by A Tribe Called Quest at a store when he was 15 years old. He also wore out his parents’ Beastie Boys tape. Miles was also inspired by Eminem.

 “He just made me want to be a rapper,” Miles said.

As time went on, he became more involved with his music. What originally was a young boy drawn to music transformed into a Christian artist sharing his passion with everyone.

“I really didn’t fall in love with rap until I was introduced to mid-west style hip-hop,” Miles said. “Atmosphere, Aesop Rock and the whole rhymesayer’s crew really changed and inspired me.”

Originally, Miles started his Christian rap career in a band called Kenosis. After his career with Kenosis came to an end, Miles decided to continue with his passions and go solo.

Miles hopes to inspire his listeners through a message everyone can hear.

“We hope that students will ask themselves serious questions about spirituality,” Miles said. “We also hope that students will consider who they’re following. We believe that good leaders are good servants.”

Miles says that this concert will reach more than just Christian students because his music appeals to everyone.

“Our audiences are diverse,” Miles said. “I’m a PR major, which means I’m supposed to tell you that we have a target audience and we communicate particularly to that audience. But, it never ends up like that. We see a lot of church kids, which makes sense, but they only make up half of the audience. This is a hip-hop show. We want to reach people who love hip-hop like me.”

Sponsored by Monster drinks, this concert is completely free. From the food to the Monster drinks and the music, just come and enjoy.

Miles will be opening with DJ Sermon for Beautiful Eulogy from Portland, Ore.

“In the past, we’ve put on concerts with Christian headliners Tedashii, Sho Baraka and Playdough. This year, we’re incredibly excited to bring Portland rappers Beautiful Eulogy,” Miles said.

Beautiful Eulogy is a hip-hop group from Portland. It’s composed of Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano. They were featured on Lecrae’s last mix tape, Church Clothes, and they produced Propaganda’s last album, Excellent. They’re phenomenal rappers. They will remake you think everything you’ve ever thought about rap.

Miles is really excited to see his message spread across campus not only to Christian students, but to those who love to listen to music.

“I am so excited about this concert,” Miles said. “I suppose in terms of scale and professionalism, this concert is probably the only event on campus that compares with Sammypalooza. Not that we’re trying to compete with them; we don’t have nearly their budget.”

 This will be an intense concert and anyone who attends will enjoy it.

Miles will not just be performing hits from his first two albums. He has been working on new tracks just for this concert.

“I’ve been making music for a while now. Saiza Inc. is gearing up for my third release,” Miles said. “Music is one of those things you just can’t choose to do. I do it because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t do it. It’ll always be a part of my life.”

Miles is not alone in the planning of this event. Monster Energy Drinks is sponsoring this concert and there are many organizations, sororities and campus ministries on campus that contributed to putting on this event. Come listen to Miles and Beautiful Eulogy perform at Old Main Pit, today. The show begins at 8 p.m. but show up early to get your fill of free Monster drinks.

You can listen to Cody’s new album “Apocrypha” at

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