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Senior artist Daniel Bertalot is a master of all trades

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Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2012 00:12

Art student

Carian Parker | The Houstonian

Daniel Bertalot is a senior art student at SHSU who plans on getting his masters out of state. His latest work, shown to the left of him, will be in the senior gallery next week.

In addition to his many works being shown in the upcoming Graduate Senior Showcase, senior studio art major, Daniel Bertalot also displays the love and power that went into creating each piece. Many people go through life never really finding their passion or purpose. However, for Daniel Bertalot, that was never the case.

With inspiration from photographers Edward Burtynsky and Robert Adams, Bertalot has created a platform of pieces that have earned him a great deal of attention from faculty and students. He has a wide variety of work ranging from drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

Despite Bertalot’s talent and success in college, he did not discover his love of art until he came to Sam Houston State University. Originally, he enrolled at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi with a major in Marine Biology. However, he was more interested in replicating pictures out of magazines than studying the organisms of the ocean. He decided to transfer to SHSU his sophomore year and changed his major to studio art.

When Bertalot first entered the art program at Sam, he struggled with the transition to art. He was forcing ideas that weren’t cohesive, but due to the simplicity of performance art he learn something about himself and it changed the way he viewed art. As a result of performance and video art, it helped give Bertalot a better understanding of what he wanted to create.

“Taking information from the outside world is key,” Bertalot said.

He thinks back on his past to see if he could link up some of his old work to his new pieces. He is constantly trying to move forward with his art. As a result, many people are eager to see what new creations he will display.

“Daniel is creative and surprising at whatever he does. You never know what he is going to come up with next,” said Debra Harper, an admirer of Bertalot’s work.

Bertalot credits the faculty of the art department for most of his success.

“The faculty is so good at what they do. Annie Strader has been my mentor and Matthew Weedman has had a such huge impact on me as an artist, student, and person,” Bertalot said.   

Bertalot’s most recent work depicts a ceramic mold of a femur bone coinciding with tree branch. His piece represents the connection between humans and nature, and to show how we are all natural beings in this world. After the piece is displayed at the Senior Showcase, Bertalot will take pictures of the piece in the forest and leave it there.

“It’s art for the forest. I want to give a part of myself to nature,” Bertalot said.

At the Senior Showcase Bertalot will present a myriad of pieces. Some of which include a sculpture, a few drawings, and a video called “call and respond.”

“I am very excited. I feel like there is going to be a lot of strong work,” Bertalot said.    

With graduation coming up, Bertalot has dream to go to graduate school somewhere out of state, particularly in Colorado or California. While gaining wisdom and meeting people through residencies, he hopes to become a professor and pass along his knowledge and love of art to others. 

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