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Schwarzenegger's return to big screen with "The Last Stand" flops in directing, plot

Contributing Reporter

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2013 00:01

The recent film, “The Last Stand” takes place in Sommerton, a small town just off the border of Mexico. It’s the last place between a drug cartel leaders path to freedom. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes his first leading role in over ten years as the sheriff of Sommerton. He is tasked with holding off the cartel leader from crossing the border into Mexico so that the FBI can apprehend him. Despite its all-star cast, this film was mediocre at best.

The talent alone was enough to make this film good but fell short because the script didn’t translate well to film and side actors were not given enough time on screen. Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzman, and Peter Stormare displayed their best chemistry with the cast when they were all on screen together. However, they were on screen only in a few parts which made their roles too small to be appealing.

The directing and plot could have been done much better. There could have been better timing on a couple of action sequences and a few scenes could have been cut in the end to make the plot clearer for the audience. By putting more of the supporting cast together to gain a bigger subplot could have made a better film in the end. Anyone could have replaced Schwarzenegger for the lead role as sheriff and still would have gotten the same results with viewers and in the box office.

The overall appeal of this film was descent. Even though the lead and supporting cast were in the range of making this film a great action flick, it came up short and underperformed. Some of the best on-screen comedians didn’t get the face time they deserved to get this film to where it needed to merit a good review. I give this film 2  out of 5 paws.


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