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"Sand in Line" exhibits multi-modal art until November 29

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Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 00:11

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Cheyenne Simpson | The Houstonian

Harada, a Dallas based japanese artist used hand cut foam pieces to make intricate designs.

Art that explores line, form and text can be used to describe “Sand in the Line.” an art exhibit displaying various works made from print media, film and unexpected material.


The art exhibit, curated by Michael Henderson, showcases the works of Kana Harada, Jen Hofer, John Pluecker, Dawn Pendergast and Trish Ramsay. The artists also conduct workshops that demonstrate their specific from of art.


“We are happy to be able to bring creative visual artists to interact with our students and share their ideas,” Henderson said.


Artists Pluecker, Hofer and Pendergast use several forms of media to explore the interaction of creative writing and visual arts.


Pluecker who uses film and slide projections with live performances of the spoken word has several pieces for display including his work “Caza” published in 2012. Pluecker also conducted a workshop entitled “How to cut and paste your way to artistic freedom” in which students cut and reconfigured text to create visual art and poetry.


Hofer a creative writing teacher at California institute of the Arts, uses newspapers, books and other materials from thrift stores to create quilt-like collages. Theses collages tell stories about places and journeys which may not be told in their original form.


Hofer also has a unique piece of art entitled “Front Page News (one month)” in which she cut out the front page of her local newspaper and made a cut-up poem.


Pendergast is another artist that uses recycled materials to showcase her art. Her work entitled” Little Red Leaves Textile Series” is a series of hand sewn chapbooks by various authors and is displayed at the exhibit. Pendergast is a poet, author and founder of an independent press.


Pendergast also showcased the art of bookmaking in a workshop, teaching students how to take make a book into art.


Artists Ramsay and Harada give a different outlook on the exhibit by using unexpected materials to create elegant sculptural works.


Ramsay, who uses fabrics, fibers and metallic forms to create unique pieces on walls and landscape, did a site-specific installation on campus to go with her works in the exhibit. Ramsay chose the installation site because of its beauty and a large cedar tree, which was SHSU’s first Christmas tree.


Ramsay is set to give a lecture about her work in Art Building E, room 108 today at 5 p.m. followed by a reception at the landscape installation in front of the Evans Complex.


Harada a Dallas-based Japanese artist used hand cut foam pieces to make intricate designs that hang from the exhibits ceiling.


Henderson said this about Harada’s works, “Her three-dimensional forms provide a graceful and decorative quality to the exhibition.”


“Sand in the Line” will be on display until Nov. 29in Art Building F room 101.



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