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PC modders determined to fix Aliens: Colonial Marines

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 00:02

Aliens: Colonial Marines


There is no better way to describe Aliens: Colonial Marines than it was a vast disappointment after the numerous years of development only to receive a flop with graphics and voice acting that not even early PlayStation 2 and Xbox would boast.

While the console versions of the game are simply out of luck, PC users might still have a chance as modders have begun work to fix the game to the best of their efforts.

Despite the PC's ability to provide superior graphics, even this version of the game is described as laughable as it has been said "that the game doesn't even appear capable of recognizing modern PC graphics cards."

This news hasn't stopped modders, however, as several mods have already surfaced that vastly improve the game's lighting and graphics. A picture provided within this article shows the difference as well as more information on the work being put into this game.

While I definitely think that the modders have their work cut out for them, any breakthrough will be accepted as a huge success as this game was released in such a flawed state to begin with.

Nothing will compel me to purchase this game again, (yes I paid the full $60 for the initial release of this game), however I hope that the modders will be successful in their work so that once this game falls to a low price in a Steam sale, it will actually be worth it with the use of their mods.

What do you guys think? Does this game still have a chance to be saved and entertaining? Or are the modders simply wasting their time?

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