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New series of patches for Far Cry 3 as advised by fans

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 23:02

Far Cry 3


Screen shot of Far Cry 3

With Far Cry 3 already a highly successful game and receiver of numerous awards, Ubisoft aims to make this game even better through a new series of patches inspired by the input of the fans.

On the single player aspect, players can expect the ability to reset all pirate outposts in order to have the chance to retake each one in whatever way they see fit. While you may be thinking, "big deal, I've liberated those outposts on the hardest difficulty and to do it all over again would just be boring," think again.

In addition to resetting each outpost, Ubisoft is also releasing a brand new Master difficulty, offering a whole new level of challenge for even the most veteran of Far Cry 3 fans.

As far as multiplayer goes, additions will be focusing on user-generated maps.

According to an article on, Ubisoft promises:

"more intuitive feedback interface" with the ability to add "feedback tags" to better parse custom maps. There will also be beta map testing available to editors, so they no longer need to create a map and simply publish it. Others who wish to help during beta testing of these maps can hop into a special playlist and test it out, and authors can go into a spectator mode to watch those playing.

With no dates of release as of right now, the full list of changes can be found here.

After already spending well over fifty hours at least within Far Cry 3, I don't really see myself jumping back in simply to try and retake each of the 34 outposts all over again.

However, it is good to see a developer actively engaging in their fan feedback in order to provide for a better experience for the players who are still heavily engaged with their products. It is interaction such as this that ensures we stay fans in not only their future productions, but also in the company itself.

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