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New ‘Aliens’ game proves weak, impractical version of films

Contributing Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 01:02


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TOO MANY ALIENS: The game "Aliens: Colonial Marines' fails to capture the same fear of the films and bombards players with impractical options for play.

You’re walking through a dark claustrophobic hallway with your gun raised and the only sound you can hear is the beeping from your motion tracker. Second by second you see the tiny blips get closer and closer yet you can’t see anything within your immediate surroundings. Suddenly, a hiss sounds above you and all you can do is look up before the xenomorph pounces on top of you and a frantic battle for survival initiates.

Congratulations, you have just experienced the only good part of the entire game and you are not even 20 minutes into the campaign.

Now that I have completely crushed your expectations for “Aliens: Colonial Marines”, let me confirm my point by saying that this game is just awful.

The single player campaign places you within the shoes of Christopher Winter, a marine whose crew has been sent in to investigate a distress call from the U.S.S Sulaco. Set after the second film, Aliens, the game tries to incorporate a balance between remaining faithful to the movie franchise and branching off into its own original story.

It does not succeed.

Looking past graphics that not even early generation PlayStation 2 and Xbox games would boast about and painful voice acting, the first chapter of the game seemed promising. It really played upon that fear of not knowing where the aliens would pop out from that fans of the movies loved so much. To only rely on your motion tracker and your own two eyes really set the groundwork for some terrifying moments.

However, this nostalgia only lasts for about twenty minutes before the developers completely throw out the one good thing going for their game, and instead turn it into a constant barrage of seemingly endless hoards of aliens.

While this non-stop fear factor may seem like positive, it really only succeeds in being incredibly annoying. The guns you are offered throughout the game, even after upgrading, are just about useless as recoil. Weak damage will have you wasting full clips of ammo for just a few aliens. Additionally, you are constantly berated by groups of aliens in the dozens about every five minutes, and you’ll find yourself praying to just get through the campaign as quickly as possible.

If the developers were going to make this game a constant hoard mode, they could at least provide an in-game team that was actually helpful. You’re fellow marines will constantly shoot at anything in front of them, yet whenever you are getting overrun, they completely ignore your pain and suffering.

Other times, your teammates will completely vanish without a trace in the middle of the largest firefights only to magically reappear at the end, boasting their kill count when you know damn well they did not help at all.

What made the movies so successful was that constant feeling of being watched and never knowing where the next danger would show up.

This is what this game should have been like, instead of constantly throwing alien after alien at the player every few minutes, leaving them second guessing in their paranoia as they navigate through the game.

After enduring the five hour campaign  (yes five hours), I found myself absolutely ecstatic once the credits began to role because I was done and would never have to play this game again. Despite the disappointment of single-player mode, the multi-player mode makes the game a bit more bearable.

There are four different modes to choose from:
Team death match –One team plays as marines while the other plays as aliens. Each team’s goal is to kill each other to earn points.

Extermination – Marines are tasked with certain objectives such as destroying all of the Alien’s eggs, while the Aliens’ main concern is to eradicate every human being.

Escape – In Left 4 Dead fashion, marines try to escape different nightmarish scenarios while the Aliens work to make that task as difficult as possible.

Survivor – A group of marines try to survive as long as possible while the Aliens work to kill them. Aliens have infinite revives while marines must do what they can in the one life provided to them.

The multiplayer modes within “Aliens: Colonial Marines” just might be the one redeeming factor of the game. Whether its one of the aforementioned modes, or playing through the campaign cooperatively, you can at least look forward to some laughs when playing with your friends.

Is multiplayer alone enough to shell out the 60 bucks for the game? Absolutely not.  If you have already bought the game, try to get some enjoyment out of it before trading it in at the nearest GameStop.

We give this game 2 out of 5 paws.

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