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McCarthy rescues Identity Thief from comedy flop

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Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2013 02:02

McCarthy rescues Identity Thief from comedy flop

(AP Photo/Universal Pictures)

MAKEING A SCENE: This undated publicity image released by Universal Pictures shows Jason Bateman, left, and Melissa McCarthy in a scene from, “Identity Thief.”

There are only two words that can really describe why Identity Thief was a successful comedy:  Melissa McCarthy.

McCarthy plays the con-artist Diana, who steals the identities of people with unisex names in order to obtain fake credit cards and in turn live a life full of expensive toys, cosmetics and maxing out bar tabs.

Thus enters Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), Diana’s first victim to actually have the nerve to chase her down half way across the country.

After that no charges would be pressed if Diana helps Patterson get his life back into order, things go well until bullets begin to fly from bounty hunters and thugs chasing Diana for her past.

Her funniest scenes include the numerous throat punches she throws as her go to move throughout the movie, bringing down anyone that gets in her way. Most of the time this “anyone” is Patterson.

The polar opposite duo embark on a hilarious road trip from hell as the two characters develop a sort of camaraderie despite their past in order to make it back to Patterson’s home in Colorado.

Had this movie starred anyone else but McCarthy in Diana’s role, then this movie would have been a complete flop. Her ability to elicit laughter from any challenge set before her, whether it is her raunchy humor or her sprinting down the side of a highway, it is just proof to her talent as an actress carrying the entire performance.

That being said, it is not that the other actors within the film gave horrible performances, only that they all seemed to play off of McCarthy throughout the movie. Even Bateman, a successful comedy actor from movies such as Horrible Bosess, was only entertaining when reacting to McCarthy’s performance.

Had there been a script that presented a better balance between the two main characters at least and not strictly focus on McCarthy, then it would have resulted in a stronger chemistry between the actors and a much better comedy.

Overall, Identity Thief offers plenty of laughs that make this movie worth a night out to see it. We give this movie four out of five paws. McCarthy's next movie ‘The Heat” opens on April 5.

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