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Justin Bieber allegedly on 'untraditional' drugs

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Published: Sunday, January 19, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 19, 2014 11:01



Justin Bieber was coming off of a whirlwind year of bizarre behavior including making insensitive remarks about Anne Frank, violent clashes with the paparazzi and even a sex scandal involving a Brazilian prostitute all leading up to the now infamous egg throwing incident involving his neighbor causing a whooping $20,000 in damages. 


However, even more shocking are the new accusations that Bieber is addicted to recreational drug use of a street drug called "sizzurp" or lean made from a combination of codeine, promethazine, Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. 


In addition to lean, TMZ claims the pop star is addicted to a host of prescription pills including Xanax and is heavily using weed and alcohol. 


Lean is a very dangerous narcotic that can cause seizures and even death. The drug choice has even been the cause of rapper, Pimp C's, death years ago.


According to the same source, many people on his team are concerned and are frantically urging the “Boyfriend” crooner to seek help and to go to rehab.


Bieber does not seem to care and is continuously going about his life as if there were no controversy surrounding his erratic behavior. 


After a police raid on his Calabasas mansion in an attempt to recover evidence from the egg throwing incident and the arrest of his housemate Lil Za for felony drug possession, Bieber whisked himself and his buddies away to Aspen for an impromptu ski trip.


According to his Instagram account, Bieber has posted a number of pictures and video clips of him and his friends snowboarding.


Perhaps his last video post is the most revealing of his sentiment towards his current predicament as he is seen dancing on an ice rink as the song “Ain’t Worried About Nothing” plays in the background. 


Hopefully all of the allegations are just false rumors and if they are true that Bieber gets the proper help he needs.


To end on a much more positive note, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, Bieber’s track “Baby” has sold over 10 million digital copies alone and is now the best selling digital track of all time.

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