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How to kill romance on Valentines Day

Contributing Reporter

Published: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 22:02

Jail cells, Walmart and eatable G-strings are not typically the things that scream romance on Valentine’s Day, but if you ask enough people, you will find some real doozies.

Normally, Valentine’s Day is composed of romance and items including heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals and overpriced flowers. According to the San Francisco Gate, roses double in price the week of Valentine’s Day when compared to the week before.

The Houstonian decided to ask around and look around to find some of the many ways to avoid clichés on Valentine’s Day.

As a reminder that relationships chain people to one another, visiting a prison would solidify that feeling of entrapment.

Melinda Enos sent her husband, Jesse James Hollywood, pictures of herself since she could not send flowers to his prison cell, according to a recent article in the Santa Barbara Independent highlighting the unique relationship between a convicted child murderer and his new bride.

Taking a date to discount chain retailer Walmart, widely recognized for its less than conservatively dressed clientele, might get you locked out of the bedroom and onto the couch.

“It would be really bad if you took your date to Walmart and made them pick out their own gift,” freshman nursing major Brian Balba said.

Junior criminal justice major Dalton Powell thought he would be clever and heighten the anticipation of V-day.

“One time I dumped my girlfriend for the whole day just so she would be extra excited for the dinner and gifts,” he said. “Because the girls are always expecting it, but if you dump them and then surprise them, they’re extra ecstatic.”

Powell said his girlfriend was caught off guard and in tears. He said he would never try it again.

But the worst thing one can do is just not show up, especially if your date is cooking dinner, according to a fellow Bearkat.

“My date didn’t show up for dinner I cooked, so I ended up drinking too much and falling asleep,” senior education major Tamara Thomas said. “A call or text would have been nice.”

What Valentine’s Day means to individuals varies across the board. To some it’s showing the love to one another while others attempt to get creative and end up causing unneeded stress.

However, if surprise and shock are the end goals, then thinking outside the heart-shaped box is the right way to go.

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