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Houston's Free Press Festival artist lineup has been announced

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Friday, February 14, 2014 01:02

Free Press Summer Festival

Joe Van | Fress Press Summer Festival

Ever wonder where Lauryn Hill has been since her latest tax mishap? What ever happened to that one guy from the White Stripes?

The performing artist line of for this year’s Free Press Summer Festival has been released. Ms. Hill and Jack White among others are to headline this year’s FPSF.

According to the Houston Chronicle, in its sixth year, FPSF is one of the most anticipated events in Houston, Texas.

In its year of birth, the festival attracted 30,000 people of all ages from inside and out of Houston. Last year, about 100,000 music and art lovers piled onto Eleanor Tinsley Park grounds to witness performances and enjoy the family environment.

“I would say that this lineup in many ways represents acts that we have been foaming at the mouth over and chasing for years,” co-organizer and editor of Free Press Houston, Omar Afra said.

This two-day festival probably would probably not draw such a large audience without its habit of inviting multiple different genres of music and other arts to the party.

The artists that flood the lineup consist mostly of those who particularly like to lay low, or simply sit on their money; or whatever they have left of it.

The infamous Ying-Yang Twins will be doing more than whispering to the audience. The once rumored-to-be-in-the-ring-with George Zimmerman, DMX will certainly be in attendance with his barking and carrying on. The Wu Tang Clan, previously endorsed on the Chappelle Show, will also represent the hip-hop section of the mix.

Most festivals are about the indie artists that have yet to hit national or even local headlines. Grand Old Grizzly, The New York City Queens, and the Tontons are only a few of the many local Houston artist performing their hearts off.

Aspiring artists are also welcome to register for a spot to build sculptures, paint etc.

Tickets are now going over $100 and climbing. Cheaper tickets are already sold out. People planning to go are encourage to get their tickets now. The Free Press Summer Festival is to kick off this May 31st and will go on through June 1st.

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